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10 Adult-Only Activities in Taveuni

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Child-Free Experiences in Taveuni, Qamea, Matangi and Laucala Islands

We get it, not everyone’s version of “Fiji time” involves kids splashing in the pool and awkward tantrums echoing through the resort… Honestly, with most of the accommodation in Taveuni and its surrounding islands being boutique and private, you’ll hardly have that problem here. Nevertheless, if you want to ensure an adult-only holiday in Taveuni with peace, relief and perhaps to set the tone right for a romantic getaway, then these are just some ideas of adult-only activities in Taveuni. Get more inspiration from our The Adult Only Guide to Taveuni. Plus, you might also be interested in The Best Day Trips on Taveuni.

1. Scuba Dive at Rainbow Reef or Around Qamea Island

With the thought in mind that children can’t scuba dive in Fiji until they are 10 years+, scuba diving is a Taveuni activity to rely on to escape the littlies. In fact, you’ll be transported to a captivating new world where sound has an entirely new meaning altogether. While Fiji is famed for its soft coral gardens, Taveuni is home to some of the best dive sites, especially at Rainbow Reef, Vuna Lagoon and the reefs surrounding Qamea Island. Almost all resorts offer their own dive operation, either PADI or SSI affiliated, or have connections with local dive operators to get you geared up, transported and guided.

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2. Surf the Epic Reef Breaks off Qamea Island

From November to April, the waves off the coast of Qamea and Matangi islands are pumping, making the adult-only resorts on the islands the perfect base for a surf holiday. Needless to say, the reef breaks, best left to the intermediate to experienced surfers, are uncrowded and free from children. Learn more about the top surf breaks in 5 Surf Spots in Taveuni. Aside from the adults-only Matangi Private Island Resort and Qamea Resort & Spa, surf trips can also be organised with Tides Reach Resort and Maqai Beach Eco Resort.

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3. Practice Wellness in a Yoga Class

We can hardly think of a more relaxing tropical destination to practice yoga than the island of Taveuni… And the resorts here know that too, with many offering yoga classes and having a dedicated yoga space on their property. The adults-only Qamea Resort & Spa is one example, featuring a beachfront yoga sala with mats, blocks and straps available for self-guided practice. On the same island, Maqai Beach Eco Resort has a resident yoga and pilates instructor offering daily classes and one-on-one tuition to guests. And on Taveuni, Taveuni Island Resort & Spa also boasts an oceanview yoga deck just outside of their spa complex to enhance relaxation.

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4. Hike the Less-crowded Trails on Qamea, Matangi and Laucala

Many travellers come to Taveuni especially for hiking in the tropical jungles and birdwatching. Normally, we would recommend walks as an excellent adult-only experience on most of Fiji’s islands. However, in the height of the busy season, the “must-do” walks in the Bouma National Heritage Park, apart from an early morning stroll to De Voeux Peak and Lake Tagimaucia, sure won’t feel like an adult-only experience. For this reason, we recommend the islands of Qamea, Matangi and Laucala for secluded hiking in breathtaking rainforest, coconut plantations and beaches. All of these islands have resorts, so be sure to ask about local hiking trails and the best birdwatching spots nearby.

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5. Indulge in a Relaxing Spa Treatment

Wherever you stay on Taveuni, the resort day spas are a sure-fire way to find complete tranquillity. The luxury resorts on Taveuni boast fantastic spas where Fijian massages combined with natural local products are a staple among each resort’s signature treatments. In fact, the adult-only Qamea Resort & Spa boasts one of the best day spas in Fiji featuring an elevated spa deck in the jungle. Find out more about getting utterly pampered on Taveuni with our 7 Best Spas on Taveuni.

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6. Learn to Kiteboard at Vacala Bay

The Vacala Bay Resort, where you are the only guests, offers an amazing range of private activities, including kiteboarding lessons. There’s hardly a better place to learn the thrills of harnessing the elements than the warm waters off Taveuni. Vacala’s KITE FIJI school offers lessons in a safe sandy-bottom bay with a few fun wave kickers to tackle once you progress. They’ll also offer trips to some of the epic surf breaks of the area for those who are already pros.

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7. Be Whisked Away for a Private Beach Picnic

At just the two of you, a romantic beach picnic really sets the scene for a special occasion or to simply enjoy each other’s company. Qamea Resort offers trips to a secluded beach reserved just for you accompanied by a picnic hamper of gourmet food, wine or beer. Alternatively, Matangi Island Resort can whisk you away to the island’s breathtaking Horseshoe Bay, only accessible by boat. There, there’s already a waterfront bure set up with a picnic hamper to enjoy among the lush foliage and sandy beach. Plus, both of the resorts mentioned are adult-only resorts.

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8. Go on a Self-Guided Kayaking, Paddleboarding or Sailing Adventure

A staple of most resorts on Taveuni, the use of non-motorised watersports equipment is complimentary for all guests. Easy to use or get a hang of if you’ve never tried, kayaking and paddleboarding is a great way to explore the bays and glide over crystal clear waters by yourself or with your loved one. With no motor sounds, they are the most peaceful ways to get out on the water. From Raiwasa Private Resort, use their paddleboards or two-person kayak to venture around the tip of Matei where it’s possible to encounter stingrays, turtles and corals. Matangi Private Island Resort also has Calypso Catamaran sailing boats, best used with the prevailing winds between May and November for circumventing the island and feeling with the wind through your hair.

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9. Catch Some Whoppers on a Private Fishing Charter

For those looking for more excitement, swap relaxation for a thrilling fishing charter to snatch up some of the monsters in Taveuni’s waters. Think mahimahi, giant trevally, yellowfin tuna and sailfish. While Taveuni’s adult-only and private resorts offer fishing charters, the Tides Reach Resort is a particularly excellent base for fishing. Whether it’s a deep-sea game fishing charter you crave or something new like spearfishing or handline fishing, you’ll depart straight from the beach with your own guide, equipment and 28ft fishing vessel.

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10. Join in on a Kava Session

Finally, immersing in the Fijian culture is a must on the islands of Taveuni. You won’t have much trouble finding cultural experiences on the islands that live and breathe the Fijian way. But if you’re looking for a more “adult-only” Fijian cultural experience, then make it a kava-drinking session – essentially the Fijian way of drinking with friends at the bar. Do any homestay on Taveuni and this is naturally part of the experience where you’ll be welcomed into the village with a kava ceremony – see Fiji Village Etiquette: What to Do When Visiting a Fijian Village. Those staying at the adult-only Matangi Private Island Resort can join in on the regular kava and talanoa sessions hosted by the Fijian staff keen to share their way of life.

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More About Adult-Only Activities in Taveuni

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