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8 Best Wildlife Cruises in Fiji

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Wildlife Boat Tours in Fiji

Most of Fiji’s wildlife can be found in the water, so it’s no surprise that wildlife tours and getting on a boat come hand-in-hand. Jump on a boat tour or a cruise in Fiji to discover diverse marine life on a snorkelling or scuba diving trip. Cruise around the islands to the sight of acrobatic spinner dolphins. Try your luck at fishing for some of the world’s largest game fish species! There’s really plenty on offer in Fiji to open your eyes to the marine world. So check out some of our top recommendations in this list of the best wildlife cruises in Fiji!

1. Beqa Lagoon Snorkelling Tour

Cruise around one of the world’s largest barrier reef on the Beqa Lagoon Snorkelling Tour with Sea Fiji Reefs. Get out to some of the best snorkelling locations on the Beqa Lagoon, awash in soft coral teeming with tropical fish. All of the snorkelling gear is included, as well as snacks for a carefree experience. While what snorkellers see is different every time, there is the opportunity to see reef sharks, turtles, sea anemones, starfish, giant clams, and fish favourites like tuna and clownfish. See more amazing things to do on the Pacific Harbour and Beqa area here.

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2. Snorkel With Sharks Tour

Cruise on a high-speed catamaran through the Mamanuca Islands and the Yasawa Islands with South Sea Cruises. In the morning, you’ll be dropped off at Kuata Island for a snorkelling tour on a reef teeming with reef sharks. The tour is suitable for first-time snorkellers, taking you out on a longboat to a prime spot for snorkelling with white-tip and black-tip sharks. The tour also includes a lunch at the island’s resort, before the ferry returns to take you back to Denarau. Check out more things to do from Denarau here.

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3. Denarau Fishing Charter

Aside from small reef fish, Fiji’s waters are also a feeding ground for large pelagic fish. Experience the excitement of reeling them in on a fishing charter! From Denarau Island, head out with Hidden Gem Fiji. They offer seven-hour charters, exploring the coast of Nadi and taking you to great little local spots. Your experienced guides will target what’s in season and get you equipped with high-quality gear. Your catch will be cleaned for you to either take back to your resort or be taken to a restaurant for you to have for dinner. Check out more fishing tours from Denarau here.

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4. Beqa Lagoon Shark Dive

Another scuba dive in Fiji offering a thrilling adrenaline rush is shark diving with Aqua-Trek. You’ll be taken out by boat from the Pacific Harbour to the protected Shark Reef Marine Reserve for an exciting cageless dive with the likes of bull sharks! You’ll learn about the shark’s behaviour and how to dive with them before you embark. The tour also includes seeing an array of soft coral and tropical fish.

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5. Vanua Levu Dolphin Cruise

For those staying on Fiji’s second-largest and less-frequented island of Vanua Levu, don’t miss the Dolphin Cruise with Savasi Island Resort. Spend the morning spotting spinner dolphins that inhabit Natewa Bay. You’ll cruise around the South Pacific’s largest bay, where dolphins like to swim alongside the boat, before heading to shore for a wood-fired pizza lunch. This trip can also be organised from various other resorts on Vanua Levu.

10 Best Wildlife Cruises in Fiji© Savasi Island Resort


6. Coral Coast Fishing Charter

There is no lack of fishing charters in Fiji, with another excellent option on the Coral Coast being Sigatoka Fishing Charters. They offer six-hour and eight-hour tours, trolling in the tropical waters for exciting game fish like tuna, sailfish and mahimahi. Your guide will take you to great local fishing spots and give tips along the way on how to troll in tropical waters. Lunch and resort transfers are all included in this tour. See the 10 Best Fishing Tours in Fiji for more fishing tours.

Check Sigatoka Fishing Charters out:
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7. Moon Reef Dolphin Cruise

One of the best places to see dolphins from Fiji’s mainland is on the Suncoast with Dolphin Watch Fiji. Based at Takalana Bay, Dolphin Watch Fiji takes keen day-trippers out to the famous Moon Reef where spinner dolphins frequent. The reef is a protected area thriving with marine life, exciting to see from the small boat cruise. The tour also provides the opportunity to swim and snorkel above coral reefs. See more things to do on the Suncoast here.

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8. Tivua Island Cruise

An easy day cruise from Nadi and Denarau, the Tivua Island Cruise with Captain Cook Cruises gives experienced divers the opportunity to dive at an amazing artificial reef. Tivua Island is home to a fantastic wreck dive, the MV Raiyawa, in the Mamanuca Islands. Join guides on a wreck dive and its surrounding coral reefs where Fiji’s newest wreck, the artificial reef is quickly attracting an array of fish species.

Check Captain Cook Cruises out:
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[CLOSED] Mamanuca Islands Scuba Diving Tour

Get deeper into the colourful underwater world of the Mamanuca Islands with Evolution Fiji. Evolution Fiji operates a fully-equipped PADI dive shop with a range of lessons and tours. Take the boat out from Nadi’s Wailoaloa Beach to one of 10+ dive sites within 20 minutes. Dive among hard corals, soft corals and a diverse range of life seen through vividly clear waters. Learn more about scuba diving in Fiji here.

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More About Wildlife Cruises in Fiji

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