Activities You Can’t Miss on Kadavu

Most of us only get one opportunity to visit an island as remote and pristine as Kadavu in the south of the Fiji archipelago. With that in mind, you’re going to want to know what are the experiences you can’t miss out on during your trip. We’ve put together this list of must-dos on Kadavu, with something on the list for every type of traveller whether you’re a family, couple, foodie or on a budget.

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1. Scuba Dive in the Great Astrolabe Reef

Any keen scuba diver will know Kadavu as one of the best diving locations in Fiji thanks to the incredible Great Astrolabe Reef. Spanning some 65km/40miles from Central Kadavu up past Ono Island, the Great Astrolabe Reef is the world’s fourth largest barrier reef. Needless to say, it contains a wealth of exciting wildlife, from reef sharks to turtles, hard coral to soft coral. While dives are available at all resorts, PADI dive courses are available with Kokomo Private Island, Papageno Resort, Waisalima Beach Resort and Matava Resort should you want to take your diving further.

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2. Walk to One of Kadavu’s Exciting Waterfalls

With volcanic islands topped with lush rainforest, Kadavu has no lack of picturesque waterfalls. Some resorts have at least one waterfall only a short walk away, whether it’s the Papageno Resort’s 3.5km/2mile walk to Malawai Falls or the short guided hike to a waterfall from Waisalima Beach Resort. Where there isn’t a waterfall to walk to, resorts offer boat trips to some of Kadavu’s best. For instance, Oneta Resort and Tiliva Resort offer boat trips through mangrove forests to a 30ft/9m waterfall tumbling off a volcanic ridge. See more like this in 10 Free & Cheap Things To Do in Kadavu.

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3. Try a Traditional Fijian Lovo

An absolute must-do for foodies visiting Kadavu, a Fijian Lovo is a traditional cooking method where food is wrapped in banana leaves and slow-cooked in an underground with hot rocks. The result is a smokey melt-in-your-mouth feast and a social experience usually combined with drinking kava (a narcotic drink) and singing Fijian songs. A Lovo night takes place once a week at Oneta Resort, Papageno Resort and Matana Beach Resort. See more activities like this in 8 Things to Do on Kadavu for Foodies.



4. Enjoy a Secluded Beach Getaway

Kadavu is pretty isolated but if you want to take your feeling of serenity further then go on a secluded beach or island getaway. Papageno Resort offers couples, families and friends the chance to embark on a getaway to an untouched beach only accessible by boat. Make a day of as you’ll be provided with a hammock, snorkelling gear, a picnic lunch, fishing supplies and a cooler full of refreshing beverages! If you want to mix a little adventure with your private beach experience, Oneta Resort and Mai Dive Resort on Ono Island offers kayaking trips to a secluded beach where you’ll spend the afternoon and be picked up as the sun goes down.

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5. Get Out on the Water on a Romantic Sunset Cruise

If you’re on a romantic getaway in Kadava, don’t miss a cruise during the day’s most beautiful hour. Sunset cruises are a speciality at the private island resort, Kokomo Island, where their skippers will take you and your loved one out for a scenic cruise with canapes and beverages served throughout. Sunset cruises are also available with Matana Beach Resort. See more experiences like this in 10 Romantic Activities on Kadavu for Couples.

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6. Hit Kadavu’s Epic Surf Breaks

A must-do for keen surfers, Kadavu has some of the most uncrowded breaks in Fiji. Hit the famous King Kong Left, which reaches up to heights of 8ft/3m or Kadavu’s most consistent break, Typhoon Ally. Needless to say, the surf breaks around Kadavu are not for the faint of heart and must only be tackled by intermediates to experts. Surf trips can be organised, including board rentals, from Kokomo Private Island, about a 45-90 minute boat ride from the breaks. Alternatively, Matava Island makes a good base if you have your own gear, offering 3-hour surf boat trips to breaks only 10-20 minutes away. Get more advice in The Complete Guide to Surfing in Fiji.


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7. Look Out for Kadavu’s Unique Birds

Watching the colourful array of island birds is just another way to relax and immerse in nature here on Kadavu where some bird species are only found in this part of Fiji. Keep an eye out for the Kadavu Fantail, Kadavu Honeyeater, Velvet Dove and the Kadavu Shining Parrot! On top of that, it’s possible to see an array of native species, from the Fiji Goshawk to the Collared Lory. While most resorts will be able to point you in the right direction for the best birdwatching in the area, the Matava Resort and Matana Beach Resort are just some of the resorts where birds are regularly seen in the grounds.

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8. Tour an Organic Farm

Dining on Kadavu is a farm-to-plate/sea-to-plate affair, which is why the food tastes so fresh! Learning about sustainable living on the island is something that ends up interesting most visitors. An informal tour of the farms is often provided to guests who inquire, for instance, at Matava Resort with their fabulous organic garden and honey program. For a more formal guided tour, there’s the Farm Tour on Kokomo Private Island where you’ll learn about the mechanisms for growing fruit, vegetables and looking after their bees and chickens.

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9. Snorkel with Manta Rays

There’s the opportunity to spot some amazing creatures while snorkelling around Kadavu, from sharks to spinner dolphins to humpback whales to turtles. One of the most impressive and more consistent sightings is the giant manta rays between June and October. During the season, many resorts offer trips to snorkel or scuba dive with these magnificent creatures which average 3m/10ft across. Join Kokomo Private Island for their manta trips between Kokomo and Yaukuve Lailai islands or Papageno Resort’s trip to Bulia Island with lunch on the beach included.

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10. Paddle Out in a Kayak or Outrigger Canoe

Glide across the clear waters watching the marine life beneath you in a kayak or outrigger canoe in Kadavu. Kayaks are free for guests to use at most resorts, a great choice being Matana Beach Resort for paddling to secluded beaches and clear lagoons. Oneta Resort has fun mangrove forests to explore at high tide, while Waisamlima Beach Resort has some picturesque nearby bays to discover. It makes a great way to explore the coast with kids, where you can find more recommendations like this in 10 Things To Do on Kadavu with Kids. There’s also the option to be guided to remote villages, reefs and islands on an outrigger canoe tour with Astrolabe Reef Outrigger Adventures on full-day and multi-day trips around Kadavu.



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10 Must-Dos on Kadavu