Activities on Taveuni You Can’t Miss

Although Taveuni is Fiji’s third-largest island, don’t underestimate how compact this island can be for activities. With majestic waterfalls to discover, underwater adventures to be had in the coral reefs, volcanic mountain hikes, birdwatching, horse riding, cultural village visits and more, Taveuni almost has an overwhelming choice of things to do. To make choosing your activities a little simpler, we’ve picked out some of the main highlights – the must-dos on Taveuni – in the list below. But if you want the full picture, The Complete Guide to Taveuni is worth checking out.

1. Explore the Island, Beaches and Villages on Horseback

Taveuni is one of the rare places in Fiji where horse riding is readily available to explore the beaches, jungles and mountains. At Taveuni Palms Resort, join a local guide in Wiwi Village where your horse trek will take you some 1,000ft/300m up a mountain with expansive views and the option to canter across the beach on the way back. The private island resort of Laucala Island has eight majestic Fijian horses for guests to explore the private island on. Horseback riding is also available at Tides Reach Resort, Vacala Bay Resort, Beverly’s Campground and so much more!

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2. Scuba Dive Among the Famed Rainbow Reef and the White Wall

With the famed Rainbow Reef on Taveuni’s doorstep, scuba diving is a no-brainer! The reef boasts 30 vibrant dive sites, 390 species of coral and around 1,500 species of vibrant fish. It’s common to see large groupers, blue ribbon eels, sea turtles, sharks, lionfish and more. One of the most breathtaking features of the Rainbow Reef is the White Wall, a 150ft/46m-high 200ft/61m-long coral structure covered in soft white coral. While scuba diving is easy to organise from just about any accommodation on Taveuni and the islands of Qamea and Matangi, the specialised dive resorts, such as Taveuni Dive Resort, Nakia Resort and Taveuni Island Resort & Spa, are a good place to start. See more activities like this in 10 Luxury Activities on Taveuni.

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3. Hike and Birdwatch at De Voeux Peak

The birdwatching and spectacular Bouma National Heritage Park are huge drawcards for the island of Taveuni, with a great combination of both being found on the De Voeux Peak trail. De Voeux Peak is Taveuni’s highest peak at 3,930ft/1,195m. From Wairiki on the west coast, the walk up the access road is not too difficult but takes approximately two hours to reach the summit. Those who arrive at the top will be rewarded with views of Vanua Levu and even as far as the islands of Koro and Gau in the south on a clear day. The best time for birdwatching is during the nesting season in August and September. See more activities like this in 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do on Taveuni.

Location: Take the access road turn-off in Wairiki, between the Catholic Mission and Wairiki Wharf.


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4. Have a Go on the Waitavala Sliding Rocks

If you’re feeling adventurous, have kids to entertain or just appreciate nature’s playground, check out the Waitavala Waterslide. This 200m/656ft-long natural waterslide chutes down an undulating set of rapids into a narrow stream at the bottom. Be prepared for a few bruises, but also make sure that the slide is safe before you try it yourself, as the currents at the bottom can be strong after heavy rain. Watch the locals slide down before giving it a go yourself. See more activities like this in 10 Things to Do on Taveuni with Kids.

Location: Just south of Vuniotu on the west coast. From the Garden Island Resort, walk five minutes north to a dirt road beside a bus shelter. Walk up this dirt road for about 20 minutes and turn left just past the sign for the prison. Look out for a worn trail on your right, which leads up to the waterfall.

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5. Walk the Lavena Coastal Track

If you’re only going to do one walk in the Bouma National Heritage Park, make it the Lavena Coastal Walk. The walk starts on a pristine beach by the Lavena Lodge where you will need to pay a small fee to access the trail. The 3-hour return walk features a varied coastline of black sand beaches, volcanic cliffs, the village of Naba (don’t wander through, stick to the trail) and a suspension bridge. At the end of the walk is Wainibau Falls, beautifully framed by a passage that you can swim through for a better view. There is a rope to help navigate to the left side of the passage where you can then hold onto an underwater ridge to help get closer to the falls. Alternatively, this section of the walk can be accessed through a kayak tour organised through Lavena Lodge.

Location: Lavena Village, Bouma National Park at the end of the east coast road.

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6. Enjoy Spa Treatments in the Midst of the Jungle

Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to relax on Taveuni, especially with it being home to some of Fiji’s most unique and award-winning spas. The Jungle Spa on Qamea Resort & Spa is perched deep in the jungle of Qamea Island, offering a fusion of Fijian and French spa treatments. Experience complete comfort and privacy by having an in-villa massage overlooking the ocean at Raiwasa Grand Villa or Vacala Bay Resort.

Location: See recommendations in the 7 Best Spas on Taveuni.

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7. Surf the Epic Reef Breaks at Qamea Island

From November to April, the waves off the coast of Qamea and Matangi islands are pumping, making Taveuni the perfect base for a surf holiday. Needless to say, the reef breaks, best left to the intermediate to experienced surfers, are blissfully uncrowded. Check out some of Taveuni’s best in 5 Surf Spots in Taveuni. Resorts that specialise in surf trips on Taveuni include Matangi Private Island Resort, Qamea Resort & Spa, Tides Reach Resort and Maqai Beach Eco Resort. See more activities like this in 10 Adult-Only Activities on Taveuni.

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8. Sample Real Fijian Food in a Village Visit or Homestay

Fiji’s “Garden Island” is unsurprisingly full of foodie experiences – just see 10 Things to Do on Taveuni for Foodies – but if you want to discover what Fijians really eat and how they eat it, then the best thing to do is a village homestay. Stay with a Fijian family where meals are offered to guests at a very reasonable cost and consist of simple yet delicious fresh seafood, root crops like taro and tropical fruit like breadfruit. Meals are usually eaten while with your hands sat on the floor – the real deal!

Location: Pick your homestay with our 5 Best Homestays on Taveuni.

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9. Check out Bouma Falls

If you’re not much of a walker but still want to see some of Taveuni’s stunning natural features, then Tavoro Falls, more commonly known as Bouma Falls, is an excellent choice. From the Tavoro visitor centre in Korovou Village (or Bouma Village) in the Bouma National Heritage Park, pay a small fee to enjoy a self-guided walk to three stunning waterfalls. The first waterfall is only a 10-minute walk away, then the next is 40 minutes from the start and the next is 1h10mins from the start. The last waterfall is a more demanding hike, but well worth it due to the 10m/33ft waterfall cascading into the best swimming hole of the three… Plus, most visitors don’t make it this far.

Location: Bouma Village, Bouma National Park on the east coast road (on the bus route – just ask the driver).

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10. Sail to Honeymoon Island for a Beach Picnic

Looking for something utterly romantic to do on Taveuni? Discover one of Fiji’s most pristine cruising grounds on a sailing trip with Vacala Bay Resort. The five-star villa takes guests to Honeymoon Island for snorkelling, kayaking and paddleboarding in paradise. During the cruise, lounge with your loved one on the yacht’s expansive nets, sipping wine and taking in the mesmerising views. Alternatively, Taveuni Island Resort & Spa offers Honeymoon Island cruises for couples accompanied by a gourmet picnic hamper. See more like this in 10 Romantic Activities on Taveuni for Couples.

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