10 Must-Dos on the Suncoast

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Activities on the Suncoast You Can’t Miss

Adventure combined with tranquillity and authentic cultures is what you’ll find in this northern region of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. The Suncoast spans from Lautoka in the west and Korovou in the east, encompassing Fijian villages, Indo-Fijian towns, a mix of rocky and beachy coastline and four-star resorts. It’s also wedged between the coral-filled Bligh Water and the towering mountains of Viti Levu’s rugged interior. Needless to say, there is a range of experiences to be enjoyed along the Suncoast of Fiji – best for those who would rather “do” on their Fiji vacation than spend all day sipping cocktails by the pool (although, there is the option for that too). Let us give you our top recommendations of must-dos on the Suncoast!

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1. Scuba Dive Among the Complex Coral Structures of the Bligh Water & the Vatu-i-Ra Passage

One of Fiji’s best snorkelling and scuba diving spots is right on the doorstep of the Suncoast, the Bligh Water and the Vatu-i-Ra Passage. The dive sites in the Bligh Water between the Suncoast and the Yasawa Islands are relaxing enough for beginners to feel comfortable yet captivated by the coral and fish displays, while experienced divers will find a new and enthralling underwater world. The Vatu-i-Ra Passage between Fiji’s two largest islands boasts deep dives into soft yellow coral. You’ll also find an interesting seascape around Nananu-i-Ra Island with channels dubbed the “Amazing Maze”.

Location: Scuba diving is easily organised at most Rakiraki and Volivoli resorts and villas – this is Fiji, after all. Volivoli and Wananavu resort each having their own dive shop.

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2. Kayak or Wander Around Nananu-I-Ra Island

An island paradise without the associated cost of getting to an island, Nananu-I-Ra is a hilly 3.5km2 (3.8ft2) island with white sand beaches and groves just a 5-10 minutes boat ride from the Suncoast. The island is good for trekking offering amazing views of the mainland and the Nakauvadra Ranges. Kayaking is also a popular activity here where accommodations like McDonald’s Nananu Beach Cottages, or the nearby Dolphin Island, offer complimentary use of their kayaks to guests. Snorkelling can also be enjoyed in the marine sanctuary just off the beach and jetty. Because of the budget accommodation on the island and free activities – it makes an awesome destination for backpackers. See more activities like this in 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do on the Suncoast.

Location: Boat transfers depart from Ellington Wharf, 11km east of Rakiraki. Organise transport with your chosen accommodation on Nananu, costing FJ$20-$60 return.

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3. Play on a Waterfall Slide at the Narara Village

Combine culture and adventure with this waterfall tour available from Wananavu Beach Resort and Dolphin Island. Travel to Narara Village where you will be welcomed with a traditional Kava ceremony. Then, you will be guided by foot or horseback for 15 minutes to a cascading waterfall slide plunging into a freshwater pool. Once is never enough so you’ll get ample time to slide before drying off and browse local crafts at the village. This is a fantastic activity to do when travelling with children on the Suncoast. Find more suggestions in 10 Things to Do on the Suncoast with Kids.

Location: Depart from Wananavu Beach Resort or Dolphin Island, Volivoli.

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4. Experience the Excitement of a Dolphin Cruise

Another amazing activity to do with kids and nature-lovers alike, a dolphin cruise are a definite must-do on the Suncoast! Dolphins are regular visitors to the Bligh Water just off the Suncoast, so join Wananavu Beach Resort for a 2h30min boat trip to watch them in their natural habitat. The resort’s activities team will take you to a special location where it’s common to see pods of up to 40 dolphins! After watching the dolphins, who often interact with the boat, you’ll enjoy 30 minutes of snorkelling among the colourful outer reefs. Cruises to see the acrobatic spinner dolphins in the Moon Reef is also a signature tour of Takalana Bay Retreat, home to Dolphin Watch Fiji.

Location: Departs from Wananavu Beach Resort, Volivoli, or Takalana Bay Retreat, Tailevu, 35km northeast of Korovou.

must dos-suncoast© Wananavu Beach Resort

5. Visit the Local Markets in Rakiraki and Lautoka

Visiting a Fijian produce market is a must for anyone visiting Fiji for the first time. Not only will you discover vibrant displays of colourful tropical fruit and vegetables, which make for excellent photos, but you’ll experience the friendliness of the locals who grow them. Sellers are eager to talk to you (but not pushy to sell) telling you more about the food they sell and giving tips on how to prepare them. Produce markets in Lautoka and in Rakiraki can be visited independently, as well as on resort tours. For more activities like this, see 10 Things to Do on the Suncoast for Foodies.

Location: Lautoka Market, Loma Lane or Rakiraki Market, Vaileka town centre.

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6. Discover the Real Fiji on a Self-drive Tour of the Suncoast

A road trip in Fiji provides the ultimate freedom and independence. By being on the largest island of Fiji, which is well-connected by roads, the Suncoast is a must-hit Fiji road trip destination. Pick up a rental car from Nadi International Airport where a 2WD will be comfortable if just sticking to the coastal Kings Road. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to take a 4WD vehicle to explore the stunning interior and villages of the Suncoast – it’ll be worth it. Plan your road trip itinerary with our Trip Ideas category and pick your car rental with our The Best Car Rentals in Fiji. Accommodation like Bularangi Villa can also organise car rentals from their villa in Rakiraki.

Location: Car rentals at Nadi International Airport.

must-dos-on-the-suncoast-fiji© FijiPocketGuide.com

7. Set the Scene with a Romantic Sunset Cruise

For honeymooning couples or perhaps those on a romantic getaway looking for something special to do together, consider a Suncoast sunset cruise. After all, this part of Fiji is argued to have some of the most dazzling sunsets. Set out on the waters for golden hour with Volivoli Beach Resort or Wananavu Beach Resort where you’ll indulge on canapes and sip on Champagne or beer. Meanwhile, the cruise will take you around picturesque islands to watch the golden hues in the skies glisten on the water before the sun seemingly dips into the ocean. See more like this in 10 Romantic Activities on the Suncoast for Couples

Location: Departs from Volivoli and Wananavu resorts, Volivoli.

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8. Learn How to Make Fijian or Indo-Fijian Cuisine in a Cooking Class

Celebrate Fijian culture and cuisine through an interactive cooking class. Join the chefs at the beachfront kitchen of the Volivoli Beach Resort where you’ll learn how to make kokoda – fresh fish marinated in coconut cream, as well as an Indo-Fijian side dish known as roti. There’s also the option to pay a visit to the local farmer who grows the ingredients used. Similar experiences can also be enjoyed at Bularangi Villa – an Indo-Fijian cooking class in your own private kitchen, and at Dolphin Island.

Location: Volivoli Beach Resort, Bularangi Villa and Dolphin Island, Volivoli.

-must do-suncoast© Volivoli Beach Resort

9. Have a Cultural Experience at Fiji’s Most Picturesque Village

The Suncoast is also teeming with inland adventures, including a trip to see Fiji’s most picturesque Fijian village, Navala. Either visit the village independently by taking a taxi, 4WD car or a local bus from Ba or join a tour like Fiji Eco Tours to visit the village. The living village with traditionally-thatched bures is set among the Nausori Highlands. When you arrive, present your sevusevu (gift) to the village chief – see Fiji Village Etiquette: What to Do When Visiting a Fijian Village – and pay a fee of around FJ$30 each to enter the village and hire a village guide.

Location: Navala – 25km inland from Ba

must do rakiraki suncoast© Mark Snyder - Tourism Fiji

10. Go on a Multi-day Guided Excursion to Villages, Waterfalls and the Highest Peak in Fiji

For a real inland adventure, join a guided trek through Viti Levu’s rugged interior with Talanoa Treks. This is where many say the true Fiji lies, among authentic Fijian villages, verdant rainforest scattered with waterfalls, golden grasslands and the highest peak of Fiji, Mt Tomaniivi. Rakiraki and the Suncoast is one of the best places to set off on a multi-day island trek. Because trails are unmarked, it’s best to go with a guiding company such as Talanoa Treks, who stay at exclusive accommodation in Fijian villages and help discover what’s around you, from medicinal plants to old battlefields.

Location: Depart from Rakiraki.

-fiji-suncoastmust do© Talanoa Treks

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