Activities on Vanua Levu You Can’t Miss

If you’re choosing the island of Vanua Levu as your Fiji holiday destination then chances are you’re looking to experience something extra special. Although fewer people venture this far north in Fiji, those that do will be rewarded with authentic cultural experiences, breathtaking wildlife encounters and some of the most pristine natural landscapes and seascapes. Check out what are the experiences you simply can’t afford to miss with this list of must-dos on Vanua Levu.

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1. Scuba Dive at World-famous Dive Sites

The seascape surrounding Vanua Levu is among some of the most famous in Fiji. Coral gardens teem with tropical fish to enjoy through kayaking, snorkelling or, perhaps the most special of all, scuba diving. Just off the shores of Vanua Levu, you have access to the famed Rainbow Reef, Namena Marine Reserve and the Great Sea Reef… Just to name a few. Reinforced by the famous name, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort’s dive centre is highly revered, making it a great base to dive the Namena Marine Reserve. Needless to say, scuba diving is readily available at all of the resorts that we list in the 10 Best Resorts on Vanua Levu where it’s almost impossible not to be impressed by any of the dive sites they take you to.


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2. Treat her to a Private Dinner in a Candlelit Sea Cave, Beside a Waterfall or a Secluded Sandbank

To celebrate a special occasion or “just because” indulge in a private destination dining experience. At the Namela Resort & Spa, there are some truly romantic locations to enjoy such as beside a picturesque waterfall. Sit at a private table of the beach at Nukubati Private Island while dining under the Milky Way. Or how about a private table at the end of a secluded jetty at The Remote Resort? At the Savasi Island Resort, their sea cave lit by candles is another unique location. Need we go on? For more experiences like this, check out 10 Romantic Activities on Vanua Levu for Couples.

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3. Visit the Vuadomo Village & Waterfall

With a rugged rainforest interior, there is no lack of beautiful waterfalls on Vanua Levu. One of the most accessible is the Vuadomo Waterfall. Located along the Cross Island Road, between Savusavu and Labasa, Vuadomo Village holds an amazing spot for swimming and taking epic photos. Pick up some Kava from the market to gift as a “sevusevu” to the Vuadomo village chief, along with an FJ$10 donation for one of the villagers to take you on a tour to the impressive waterfall. Learn more with our advice on visiting a Fijian village here. For more budget experiences like this, see 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do on Vanua Levu.


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4. Watch Dolphins and Snorkel on a Dolphin Cruise

Who doesn’t get excited by dolphins?! Join a dolphin cruise with resorts such as La Dolce Vita Holiday Villas, Savasi Island and Koro Sun Resort who offer dolphin sighting and snorkelling cruises within the pristine Natewa Bay. See bottlenose and spinner dolphins close-up in their natural playground on these exciting tours that are also great to take the little ones on. The tour the La Dolce will end with a pizza dinner. For more activities like this, take a look at 10 Things to Do on Vanua Levu with Kids.

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5. Watch Tropical Birds & Capture Amazing Views from the Island’s Walks

Although Vanua Levu might have a bit of a reputation for not having the same amazing beaches as elsewhere in Fiji, it certainly makes up for the fact with its lush rainforest interior. A popular place for hiking is in the Waisali Rainforest Reserve. Otherwise, many of the resorts have access to fantastic hikes and nature walks. Energise your senses by walking under the rainforest canopy of the Koro Sun Resort looking out for the Orange-Breasted Barking Dove before cooling off in a waterfall. Nukubati Island Resort also has a couple of attractive bush walks and a small hill with a lookout.

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6. Mingle with the Locals at the Savusavu and Labasa Markets

A fantastic cultural and foodie experience is mingling with the locals at the produce markets in Labasa and Savusavu. As well as fruit and vegetables, Vanua Levu specialities include cassia bark (cinnamon), wild honey, bush dhaniya (coriander), avocado, fresh mullet, cabacaba lobster and sici shells. The markets in Savusavu and Labasa are located by their town centre bus stations on the waterfront. See more experiences like this in our 10 Things to Do on Vanua Levu for Foodies.


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7. Take Part in a Yoga or Wellness Retreat

Getting a refresh is all part of a Fiji getaway, which you can fully take advantage of at accommodations like Naveria Heights Lodge. The boutique lodge offers three wellness programs: Detox, Wellness and Weight Loss. Koro Sun Resort is also a popular venue for retreats, whether it’s surrounding fitness, art, wellness or yoga. Or how about a yoga retreat on the Daku Fiji Resort‘s dedicated yoga deck? Finally, the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort offers free morning yoga sessions at sunrise.


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8. Take the Kids to One of the Fun and Educational Kids’ Clubs

While some might think that a kids’ club is a place to throw your children in and run, things are a little different here on Vanua Levu. The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort provides an educational and award-winning kids’ club promising to be a meaningful experience for children. Another option is the Jungle Kids Club at the Koro Sun Resort where activities include rainforest hikes, Fijian cultural activities, arts and crafts, tidal pool exploration, snorkelling (7+ years) and more!


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9. Enjoy an Educational Visit to a Fijian Village

The Fijian culture is extremely accessible on Vanua Levu thanks to the abundance of villages found all over the mainland and off-shore islands. Join The Remote Resort or Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat for a short boat trip to a Fijian village without power but a whole lot of energy in their cultural dance performance known as a “meke”. Attend a church service or learn a little Fijian at a village with Savasi Island Resort. Get a glimpse of life at the Vivilli Village near Namale Resort & Spa, and the list goes on. Find out more about visiting a Fijian village here.


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10. Rejuvenate with a Fijian Bobo Massage

Fiji time” is all about relaxation and rejuvenation, so it would almost be a crime to not get a Fijian massage while on Vanua Levu. Resorts such as Nukubati Private Island have therapists from local villages who are experts in the traditional Fijian Bobo massage. Experience it for yourself in their massage bure, privately in your bure, or on the beach at sunset. The Namale Resort & Spa, on the other hand, features in our 10 Best Spas in Fiji for having one of the most impressive spa complexes in Fiji. See more spa options with our 7 Best Spas on Vanua Levu.


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