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10 Things to Ask Your Travel Agent When Booking Your Holiday to Fiji

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Tips for Using a Travel Agent for Fiji

Fiji is all about “Fiji time“. It’s all about relaxing and taking it easy, so get off on the right foot by getting a travel agent to work out all the logistics of a Fiji holiday for you. However, to make sure you do get the holiday of your dreams, it’s worth asking a few extra questions, instead of sitting back and hoping for the best. In this article, we’re giving you a whole list of questions that are definitely worth asking your travel agent when booking a holiday to Fiji!

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1. Have You Been to Fiji Yourself?

This seems obvious but it is quite important to start with that. This will help you know what to trust about what the agent says. If they have, ask them what activities they did and where did they stay? This is the area they will know a few things about. If they have not, know that by using our website you will probably have as much, if not more, information than their brochure will have. In any case, take a minute to double-check your options using the information on, just so you know you are getting the right trip for you.

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2. When are the Best Times to Travel to Fiji?

Spoiler alert, the answer is in our “Best Times to Travel to Fiji” article. But by “times” we mean much more than the season. Sometimes, taking a trip from Tuesday to Tuesday can save you thousands on both flights and accommodation. Playing around with dates and seeking the advice of your travel agent that has all the information on hand can save you a lot of coconuts!

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3. How Many Hours Will be Spent in Transit?

If your trip involves flights and especially transits, make sure that transit times are clear. At times an agent will push an airline or a connection with a greater commission at the expense of your first and last day of the holiday, stranding you for up to eight hours in transit. We like to make our transits an experience, so it should be either a short one or an excursion out of the airport.

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4. What Documentation Do I Need for My Trip?

Ok, to be fair, we have all this information in our Arrival Tips section, but it should give you a good understanding of how thorough your travel agent will be. We like travel agents that understand that their role is to make our whole trip convenient, not just book a few things and send us on our way.

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5. What are the Best Activities for the Season and the Region of My Trip?

Although the weather is always warm in Fiji, some seasons suffer from more rain than others and the rainfall can change tenfold in the same month from one region to the other! So in short, it is crucial for you and your travel agent to come up with an itinerary that is suited to the weather expected during your trip. Or at least, have a strong backup plan.

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6. What is the Contact Number I Can Call From Fiji?

It sounds simple but being able to contact your travel agent easily from Fiji is going to make or break your trip if anything changes or something is wrong with your activity, transport or accommodation. Make sure that the agent will be able to assist you in a timely manner so your trip does not turn sour at the first hiccup.

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7. What Are My Travel Insurance Options?

Speaking of travel hiccups, you may want to consider travel insurance for your trip to Fiji. Flight cancellations, hotel double-bookings, bad weather, accidents… So much can happen. Getting all of the above and more covered will provide you peace of mind during your trip. Make sure to compare the option offered by your travel agent with travel insurance options available online, as well as the options provided by your credit cards. We’re not joking! A bit of research could save you hundreds!

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8. Do I Really Need to Book Excursions?

Of course, any respectable travel agent will try to up-sell excursions and activities on top of your flight, transportation and accommodation. But let’s be honest, quite often those excursions will be easier to book over the counter or on websites like Viator and Tripadvisor where you will probably have more options and even save a bit of money. We like to keep things flexible and book things from the hotel, online or using the thousands of brochures available in Fiji.

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9. What is the Perk of Booking With You?

Travel agents can book a lot for you, from flights to accommodation to transportation to excursions. So if they offer to add anything to your package, it is your time to get a room upgrade, a discount or any other perks that should come with bundling it all. After all, in front of an agent, you are in control. You can tailor your own package.

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10. What Do I Get for Paying in Full?

If you have the spare cash and are ready to forgo the classic “pay a deposit now and the balance before travelling”, you may be entitled to quite a discount. After all, it guarantees the agent that you will not change your mind later. It is definitely worth mentioning because those beachfront cocktails won’t pay for themselves.

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