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10 Things To Do in Kadavu with Kids

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Family Activities in Kadavu

Kadavu is an island that always surprises families. As one of Fiji’s isolated outer islands, it’s a common misconception that Kadavu has not much to offer families. Thanks to some fantastic family resorts on Kadavu, there are ways to keep the whole family entertained during your entire getaway. We’re positive that you’ll find something for your family on this list of things to do in Kadavu with kids, whether your kids are into wildlife, watersports, culture or discovering something new…

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1. Discover the Island Culture Through Fijian Arts and Crafts

With approximately 75 coastal villages, Kadavu’s culture is extremely accessible. One of the best ways to get kids immersed in the Fijian way of life is with hands-on experiences like arts and crafts session. Learn how to weave a Fijian mat, basket or crack open a coconut at Oneta Resort, make your own jewellery or learn how to tie a sulu (sarong) in many ways at Kokomo Island, or learn traditional tapa making on one of the many village visits available from the Papageno Resort.

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2. Walk to one of Kadavu’s Exciting Waterfalls

With volcanic islands topped with lush rainforest, Kadavu has no lack of picturesque waterfalls to discover. Some resorts have at least one waterfall a short walk away, whether it’s the Papageno Resort‘s 3.5km/2mile walk to Malawai Falls or the short guided hike to a waterfall from the now-closed Waisalima Beach Resort. Other resorts offer boat trips to some of Kadavu’s most impressive waterfalls, such as Oneta Resort‘s and Tiliva Resort‘s boat trips through mangrove forests to a 30ft/9m waterfall tumbling off a volcanic ridge. The waterfall walks on Kadavu are suitable for all ages but require moderate fitness.

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3. Snorkel at the Great Astrolabe Reef

With the famous Great Astrolabe Reef fringing some 65km/40miles along Kadavu and Ono Island, the snorkelling here is simply breathtaking. While scuba diving in Kadavu is the most-raved about activity, snorkelling can be just as amazing while being the most accessible option for kids who know how to swim. Most resort stays include free use of snorkel gear, where good snorkelling is available just off the beach or a short paddle away by kayak, especially at Matava Resort, Oneta Resort, Kokomo Island and Matana Beach Resort. However, it’s always worth taking a boat trip (which usually only takes about 10 minutes) out to the best snorkelling spots. For instance, Matava Resort offers 3-hour trips to a range of calm coral gardens and adventurous sites with reef sharks, barracuda, surgeonfish and more. Between June and October are the best times to snorkel with manta rays.

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4. Blast Across the Waters in a Banana boat or Biscuit

The resort with the most complete offering for kids is the luxury Kokomo Island offers complimentary towable watersports. The fun adventures on the sea include towable watersports like banana boat and biscuit rides. Kids also love the resort’s sea trampoline and seeing the underwater world with their glass-bottom boat.

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5. Enjoy a Family Game of Tennis, Basketball and More

While by no means the main reason to go to Kadavu, the island sports available in some of the resorts are always a welcome addition to a family holiday. Playing basketball or tennis at the courts on Kokomo Island is a great way for the family to bond over some healthy competition, but it’s best to wait until the cooler hours as the sun goes down. Papageno Resort also has a good selection of sports equipment, including equipment for volleyball, badminton, rugby, soccer, table tennis and more. Finally, some resorts have table tennis tables.

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6. Paddle Out as a Family in a Kayak

Glide across the clear waters watching the marine life beneath you and your loved ones in a kayak in Kadavu. What’s more, kayaks are free for guests to use at most resorts. A great resort for kayaking includes Matana Beach Resort for paddling to secluded beaches and swim at clear lagoons. Oneta Resort has a fun mangrove forest to explore at high tide. Finally, Waisamlima Beach Resort has some great nearby bays to discover. If there’s the option to hire a double kayak, that often best for families with younger children and remember to take a life jacket and snorkel gear!

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7. Teach the Youngsters How to Fish

Fishing is a way of life in Fiji so you’ll struggle to find a resort that doesn’t offer fishing charters… But we’ll go through a few anyway. Get among the Great Astrolabe Reef with an expert guide and top fishing gear at Oneta Resort. While Kokomo Private Island offers four types of fishing, their reef fishing experience is the better option to let the kids have a go at catching their own dinner. They could even try the traditional method of handline fishing!

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8. Introduce the Little Ones to Scuba Diving

If you’ve got an adventurous child who you want to take scuba diving in the future, then a great way to introduce them to the sport is through a Bubble Maker course. This PADI course, specially designed for 8-13 years old, gets them into the pool and blowing bubbles while kitted up in all of the gear. At the end of their session, they’ll be rewarded with a Bubble Maker certificate, a towel, a temporary tattoo, sticker and a pool toy! This course is available at Kokomo Island and Papageno Resort.

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9. Look Out for Fiji’s Rarest Birds

Ok, so this isn’t an activity for all children, as noisy kids don’t make the best birdwatching companions, but if you’ve got a kid who loves wildlife then don’t miss the awesome opportunity to see some of Fiji’s most fascinating birds. Watch colourful birds on the grounds of Matana Beach Resort and Matava Resort, where you’re likely to see birds only found on Kadavu, such as the velvet dove, Kadavu fantail, Kadavu honeyeater and the Kadavu parrot. Learn more in A Traveller’s Guide to Wildlife in Fiji.

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10. Make Use of One of the Babysitting Services or Kids’ Club

Finally, make sure you have some time to hit the activities on your Kadavu bucket list, whether it’s scuba diving in the Astrolabe Reef or indulging in a spa treatment! (See our 10 Must-Dos on Kadavu for inspiration). Kadavu has only one formal kids’ club at the luxury Kokomo Island resort, while the rest of the family resorts on Kadavu offer babysitting or nanny services including Oneta Resort, Matava Resort and  Kokomo Island. Find out more information in our The Guide to Kadavu for Families.

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More Things to Do in Kadavu with Kids

That’s it from the things to do on Kadavu with kids. Get even more tips in The Complete Travel Guide to Fiji for Families. Plus, discover more remarkable places to stay in the 20 Best Family Resorts in Fiji.


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