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10 Things to Do in Vanua Levu with Kids

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Family Activities in Vanua Levu

Vanua Levu is Fiji’s ultimate destination for families who want to adventure together. Fiji’s second-largest island holds a number of amazing water and land activities for a fun yet educational holiday. Be amazed by the colourful array of marine life through snorkelling, kayaking and cruises. Discover a new culture as you visit Fijian villages and make your own Fijian crafts. While most of the family activities on Vanua Levu are perfect to do all together as a family, rest assured that you’ll have the opportunity to spend some alone time thanks to the fantastic kids’ clubs. Check out what your family could be getting up to with this list of things to do in Vanua Levu with kids!

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1. Snorkel at the Famous Rainbow Reef, Split Rock or Namena Marine Reserve

If your kids can swim, snorkelling is a must-do in Vanua Levu! Surrounded by complex and colourful coral reefs, Vanua Levu is the ideal location to see Fiji’s famous marine life. Join The Remote Resort for their snorkelling experience to Rainbow Reef or to snorkel with manta rays. Split Rock is another snorkelling hotspot in Vanua Levu with an interesting underwater rock formation and lots of colourful fish. This area is just off the coast of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, while trips there are also available with Koro Sun. Finally, explore the pristine Namena Marine Reserve with resorts such as Savasi Island and Daku Resort.

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2. Take a Trip to the Impressive Vuodomo or Nakawaga Waterfall

Discover some of Vanua Levu’s stunning inland attractions like the Vuodomo or Nakawaga Waterfall, 30km (18.6 miles) west of Savusavu. Most waterfall tours include a visit to a Fijian village before taking a short walk to an impressive waterfall. The kids will get plenty of time to splash around in the waterfall’s refreshing swimming hole. Waterfall tours are available with resorts such as Savasi Island, Daku Resort, Koro Sun and Gecko Lodge.

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3. Enjoy an Educational Visit to a Fijian Village

Fijian villages are found all over Vanua Levu and the off-shore islands so experiencing the Fijian culture is extremely accessible. Join The Remote Resort for a short boat trip to a Fijian village without power but heartwarming community spirit. Get a glimpse of traditional “meke” dancing at the Daku Resort. Almost every resort has a connection to a local village, where the whole family is sure to be educated in a different way of life. Find out more about visiting a Fijian village here.

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4. Play Beach Games

Sometimes just playing some games together is a great way to relax as a family (or get extremely competitive depending on what kind of family you are). Many of the resorts on Vanua Levu have some sort of beach games, from volleyball to croquet. Koro Sun has a fantastic choice of lawn games, like ladder toss and bocce ball, as well as a couple of tennis courts. Sigasiga Sands has a huge array of games to play on their expansive lawns including badminton, kite flying and frisbee. What’s more, beach game equipment is always free to hire from your resort.

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5. Bond Over a Fishing Trip

Fishing is a cliche family activity for a reason: it’s the perfect bonding activity! Seeing the face of the youngsters’ as you haul up a monster, like mahimahi, wahoo or marlin, is priceless! Fishing charters are available at resorts such as The Remote Resort. Alternatively, handline fishing is a better option to get the kids involved too. Try handline fishing at resorts like Koro Sun, Savasi Island, Sau Bay and more. Find out more about fishing in What Types of Fish Can You Fish For in Fiji?

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6. Learn How to Cook Fijian Food Together

Get the kids participating in some hands-on experiences like a Fijian cooking class (plus, adults love it too)! Learn how to make Banilolo or Kokoda with the resort chefs at Savasi Island. Alternatively, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort has a dedicated Junior Chef Program especially for youngsters where they’ll help prepare food from the resort’s organic garden. See what type of food you could be treating yourself to in our 10 Unique Foods in Fiji You Have to Try.

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7. Craft Your Own Fijian Souvenirs

If your kids are into arts and crafts then they’ll love the activities available in Vanua Levu. Crafting is an integral part of the Fijian culture, so there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a cultural experience while making a fantastic souvenir. Resorts such as Savasi Island have Fijian weaving classes to learn how to make your own Fijian hat. Or how about joining Sau Bay in a visit to a village where the locals will teach you all how to weave a basket? If you’re looking for something a little more “pretty”, then do some flower arranging with the florist at the Koro Sun Resort.

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8. Take the Kids to One of the Fun and Educational Kids’ Clubs

Give everyone their own version of “Fiji time” by taking the little ones to one of Vanua Levu’s fantastic kids’ club. The award-winning Bula Club for Kids at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort runs from 8am to 9pm, which involves exploration, educational games, cultural activities and short excursions within the resort. Another option is the Jungle Kids Club at the Koro Sun Resort. Activities include rainforest hikes, Fijian cultural activities, arts and crafts, tidal pool exploration, snorkelling (7+ years) and more! Needless to say, your kids will surely have much to tell you by the end of the day!

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9. Watch Dolphins and Snorkel on a Dolphin Cruise

Dolphins are exciting to see no matter what your age is, so treat yourself and the little ones to a dolphin watching cruise in Vanua Levu! Bottlenose and spinner dolphins are regular visitors to the waters surrounding Vanua Levu, so join a dolphin cruise for your best chance to see them up-close. La Dolce Vita Holiday Villas, Savasi Island and Koro Sun offer dolphin sighting and snorkelling cruises within the pristine Natewa Bay ending with a pizza dinner.

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10. Get Out on the Kayaks or Paddle Boat

To enjoy with the little ones who can’t swim well or to simply experience a pristine way to get up-close to coral reefs, kayaks provide another excellent activity to do on Vanua Levu with kids. Check out resorts such as Koro Sun, Daku Resort and Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort for complimentary kayak hire. La Dolce Vita Holiday Villas also has complimentary paddle boat hire.


More Things to Do in Vanua Levu with Kids

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