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10 Things You Need to Know About Having a Fiji Wedding

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Fiji Weddings and What You Need to Know About Them

Are Fiji weddings really as easy as they seem? Can you just go to a tropical island in the middle of nowhere and legally get married? Set your expectations right and bust the myths about having a wedding in Fiji with this list of things you need to know about Fiji weddings!

1. There are 330 Islands, So Do Your Island Research

Fiji is home to 330 islands, so choosing where to get married is pretty overwhelming! However, it is worth taking the time to see that Fiji really does offer a huge variety of wedding experiences, allowing bride-and-grooms-to-be to get their wedding day right. Choose something easy, like a wedding in a luxury resort on Denarau Island, just 20 minutes from Nadi Airport, or get off the beaten track to the rugged “Garden Island” of Taveuni or on a sandy secluded beach in the Yasawa Islands… Get more inspiration from The Best Place to Get Married in Fiji.

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2. Choose the Best Time to Have a Fiji Wedding

You might want to consider what is the best time to have a wedding in Fiji. Fiji has two distinct seasons known as the wet season and the dry season. The dry season is the most popular time for couples to tie the knot in Fiji, with less chance of downpours to spoil your outside feet-in-the-sand ceremony. However, that doesn’t exactly mean that the wet season rains constantly, so some couples might be willing to take a chance on the weather in exchange for hugely discounted wedding packages. Jump into this subject further in our When is the Best Time to Plan a Wedding in Fiji?

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3. Know if You Can Get Married in Fiji

Ok, this one is kind of important. Both the bride and groom need to meet a few conditions in order to legally get married in Fiji. To get married in Fiji, you need to: be 18 years old or older on your wedding day (those under 21 years old require written consent from both parents); be single, divorced or widowed; not be related; and be physically present for the wedding ceremony to give consent.

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4. Have the Right Documents Ready

Couples need to have certain documents in order to obtain a Marriage License in Fiji. Couples will need the originals or certified copies of their birth certificates, passports with valid visas, single status certificates, divorce certificates if applicable, and death certificates of a spouse if applicable. Find out what a single status certificate is, as well as more information on the documents needed to get married in Fiji, in our Everything You Need to Know About Getting Married in Fiji.

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5. Allow Enough Time to Get Your Marriage License

It’s recommended that couples should arrive in Fiji at least three before their wedding day. This allows enough time to visit a registry office in person to finalise the Marriage License. Note that registry offices are closed on weekends and public holidays.

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6. Make Sure Your Have Witnesses and a Fijian Celebrant

Your wedding ceremony in Fiji involves signing the Marriage Certificate, which must be done by both the bride, groom, two witnesses aged 21 years and over (they can be the resort staff if you have no witnesses with you), and a Fijian marriage celebrant or minister. The celebrant or minister who endorses your Marriage Certificate must be Fijian, you cannot have an overseas celebrant solemnising the ceremony. For more details on each step of the marriage process, see What are the Legal Requirements to Get Married in Fiji?

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7. Choose a Wedding Resort

Getting married is big business in Fiji, with an array of resorts specialising in weddings and romance. Choose a resort that offers wedding packages, venues and honeymoon accommodation for couples, so that you know you’ll be well looked after by a resort that specialises in couples’ big days. Browse Fiji’s wedding resorts in our Fiji Wedding Resorts category.

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8. Choose a Wedding Package

Once you’ve chosen a resort with a glorious wedding venue, you need to choose the right package to suit your needs. The Fijian resorts make planning a wedding effortless thanks to their wedding packages. Choose from structured wedding packages, for the couple who want the wedding experts to give them inspiration, to bespoke wedding packages, allowing couples to pick and choose features to make the wedding just as it was envisioned. Check out our Wedding & Honeymoon category for more wedding packages.

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9. Know What “Fiji Time” is

The charming thing about getting married in Fiji is the relaxed and cheerful ambience radiating from the locals. This is something that they proudly call “Fiji time”, where nothing is done rushed. While you can be reassured that your wedding coordinator will get everything in order for your big day, know that Fiji is probably not the right place for impossible demands and a Bridezilla attitude. Find out more about Fiji time in What Does Fiji Time Mean? (& What You Need to Know About It).

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10. Be Reassured That Fiji is the Right Wedding Destination

Unsure that the beautiful white-sand beaches, turquoise water and lush tropical rainforest are the right settings for your wedding? Not convinced that a wedding in Fiji will actually be cheaper than having a wedding at home? Be reassured that Fiji has many benefits for the couple who want to elope, be different and have a memorable experience. Just check out the 10 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding in Fiji.

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