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10 Tips for Staying in Denarau on a Budget

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Ways to Save Money in Denarau

A luxurious getaway to Denarau Island doesn’t mean you have to go overboard. Sure, the lavish island made up of five-star resorts and deluxe apartments aren’t the first place that springs to mind when looking for a budget holiday to Fiji, but those looking for an exceptional couples getaway, family holiday or another special occasion can enjoy their time in Denarau Island and still have some money to fly back home with. Use these tips to stay in Denarau on a budget and stretch your dollars further!

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1. Start Your Stay Mid-Week

Play around with your dates when booking your resort! Often, it’s cheaper to start your stay mid-week, for instance, Tuesday or Wednesday, compared to Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

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2. Plan Your Trip in the Low Season

Don’t worry, summer never ends in Fiji with warm temperatures all year round! With that in mind, try to travel in the low season to see cheaper rates on flights and room rates. The low season is October-November and January-May. Check out 10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Fiji.

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3. Stay in Apartments to Cook Your Own Meals

Luxury apartments, such as at The Palms and The Terraces, might have similar room rates to the five-star resorts on Denarau Island but their rooms have kitchen facilities. Make use of them by cooking your own meals! You’ll save a ton of money on food. Groceries can be purchased from the nearby convenience stores and supermarkets at Port Denarau, as well as in Nadi town.

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4. Use “Kids Stay and Play for Free” Resorts

If travelling with kids, consider family-friendly resorts like the Sheraton Fiji Resort and Sheraton Denarau Villas. Children under 12 years can stay for free if the existing bedding in a room is used. Children also have free access to the kids’ clubs. Bear in mind that these deals apply to a maximum of two children per booking. Learn more about the kids’ clubs in our 5 Best Kids’ Clubs on Denarau Island.

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5. Use the Yellow Bus to Get to Denarau

The public bus service between Nadi Airport, Nadi town and Denarau is by far the cheapest way to get to Denarau. Westbus (the yellow bus) is the only public bus operator servicing Denarau, costing around FJ$1-$2 per person to travel between Nadi and Denarau! Find out more in our 5 Ways to Get to Denarau.

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6. Get Around Denarau on Foot

Denarau Island is a compact island, so a great way to save money on transport around the island is to simply walk. There are paths/sidewalks alongside the road, as well as on the waterfront connecting the resorts.

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7. Do Some Sightseeing

Sightseeing around the other resorts, as well as the Port Denarau Marina, is a great way to spend a day for free. Check out our Guide to Denarau Island on a Budget to see some excellent places around the island to visit.

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8. Make Use of the Free Facilities and Activities

Make use of your resorts’ free facilities: gyms, pools, loungers, entertainment programs, WiFi and more! Days by the pool are essentially what holidays in Denarau are all about. Some resorts, like the Hilton Fiji Beach Resort, have seven different pools to choose from. The Sheraton Resort, Sheraton Villas and Westin Resort share all their facilities keeping pool days constantly fresh. On top of that, resorts in Denarau have a daily agenda of free activities for guests. These might include a fitness class, a group walk or playing beach games. Later in the evening, restaurants will have cultural shows and themed nights for dinner guests to enjoy.

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9. Eat in Port Denarau

Although eating out in Denarau is more expensive than eating out in Nadi, the selection of restaurants at the Port Denarau Marina are still cheaper than what’s available in resorts. Check out our Top Cheap Eats in Denarau for our recommendations.

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10. Go On a Day Trip to Nadi

Sightseeing in Nadi is a great way to spend a cheap day in Fiji. Visit the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, mingle with the locals at a market, and try all the delicious street food. Just catch the yellow bus into town! Check out our The Guide to Nadi on a Budget for ideas.

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More Tips for Staying in Denarau on a Budget

That’s it for our tips on visiting Denarau on a budget. Finally, check out Fiji Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip to Fiji Cost? for even more budgeting tips.


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