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10 Tips for Visiting the Coral Coast on a Budget

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How to Save Money on the Coral Coast

A holiday in Fiji has a bit of a reputation for being something left to the wealthy. However, did you know that the Coral Coast can even be an excellent backpacker destination?! Yes, the Coral Coast of Fiji is brimming with budget resorts and lodges to keep sticking to your budget a breeze. There are also cheap eateries, cheap activities and even free activities – you just need to know where to look. We can help you there with these tips for visiting the Coral Coast on a budget!

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1. Get to the Coral Coast Using the Express Buses

There’s no doubt that the cheapest way to get to the Coral Coast is via an express bus. If your resort is along the Queens Road, buses can usually drop you off right on the doorstep, or at least as close as possible. Express buses from Nadi take 1h30min to reach the Coral Coast, costing around FJ$6-$10 per person depending on where you are travelling to. Check out Where to Book Bus Transport in Fiji? for more information.

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2. Make Use of the “Kids Stay, Play and Eat for Free” Resorts

Fiji, and especially the Coral Coast, is a super family-friendly destination. That’s partly thanks to so many resorts on the Coral Coast offering “kids stay, play and eat for free” deals. This usually means that children under 12 years old can use the kids’ clubs for free, get free buffet meals at certain times of the day, and can stay for free in the same room as their parents using existing bedding. Check out the 10 Best Family Resorts on the Coral Coast to see some of the resorts with this offer!

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3. Stay in One of the Budget Resorts

That’s right, contrary to popular belief, the Coral Coast is not just brimming with luxury resorts! Budget resorts, lodges, hotels and apartments are also available for all styles of budget traveller. There are options for budgeting backpackers, families, couples and travel mates. Check out your best options in our 9 Best Budget Accommodation on the Coral Coast.

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4. Load Up on the Free Land and Water Activities in Your Resort

What we love about all the resorts on the Coral Coast is how you don’t have to spend a dime and you will still be entertained! Cultural shows, craft and cooking lessons, beach volleyball, crab races, snorkelling and kayaking: all of these activities are a staple of a stay in a Coral Coast resort. So don’t worry about getting bored and spending money to make up for it. Get inspiration from our list of 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do on the Coral Coast.

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5. Use Resorts that have Breakfast Included

It’s true that dining in resorts isn’t exactly cheap in Fiji, so saving money on food where you can make a real difference to your budget. While a significant amount of resorts offer complimentary buffet-style breakfasts, don’t assume that all resorts do this. Otherwise, that’s an extra, FJ$20 per day added to the food bill!

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6. Consider Homestays and Holiday Homes for Accommodation

Have you considered alternative accommodation to your commercial resorts? Locals list their spare guest rooms and even entire houses on Airbnb.com and Booking.com, often offering much cheaper rates than resorts! Homestays offer the “locals experience” with some even based in Fijian villages which offers an authentic cultural experience. Alternatively, holiday homes give you the privacy and comfort of a home away from home. Get your FJ$50 off your first Airbnb.com on us!

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7. Discover the Cheap Eats of the Coral Coast

As mentioned, eating at your resort isn’t exactly cheap, so while you are out and about make sure you check out the foodie scene of the Coral Coast! Towns like Sigatoka, Korolevu and Korotogo all have eateries that will cost much less than what’s available at your resort, and let’s be honest, probably more flavoursome. So check out our Top Cheap Eats on the Coral Coast for recommendations.

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8. Visit Natural Attractions and Towns for a Cheap Thing to Do for the Day

The Coral Coast has a great selection of free or cheap attractions to check out, making for some fun day trips without burning a hole in your wallet! Go for a walk in the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park costing only around FJ$10 per person or use a local guide from the Biausevu village to see a stunning waterfall for a small fee. A day trip to Sigatoka, with its bustling markets and craft stores, is always worth a visit. Finally, get a change of scenery with a beach day at Natadola Beach.

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9. Travel in the Low Season to Find the Best Deals on Flights and Accommodation

One of the easiest ways to save money on a trip to the Coral Coast is to simply visit during the low season. Between October-November and January-May is when there is less demand for flights to Fiji and rooms in the Coral Coast resorts. At this time, this is when you can find the best deals and the lowest rates!

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10. Make a Note of When Happy Hour is for Cheaper Drinks!

Of course, the obligatory cocktail or “Fiji Gold” at the end of the day can add up by the end of your stay, so make a note of when happy hour is – every resort bar has one – and show up then for some tropical fruity flavours!

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More Tips for Visiting the Coral Coast on a Budget

That’s it for our tips on visiting the Coral Coast on a budget. Finally, check out Fiji Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip to Fiji Cost? for even more budgeting tips.


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