8 Reasons a Wedding in Fiji is a Must

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Why Choose Fiji for Your Big Day?

A beautiful day deserves a beautiful location. What could be more beautiful than the swaying palm trees, soft sandy beaches and vibrant waters of Fiji? Walk down the aisle to the sounds of a beachfront choir, feel the balmy island breeze, and spend your downtime together in luxurious island resorts. Well, if that hasn’t convinced you already, here are a few reasons a wedding in Fiji is an absolute must!

1. Planning a Wedding is Incredibly Simple

Getting married should be about celebrating your love and that alone. Leave the stress of planning your own wedding back at home because Fiji has a huge array of wedding coordinators and resorts that work out most of the logistics for you. What’s more, comprehensive wedding packages are a standard in many resorts across Fiji, helping you with the basics, like the Marriage License, decorated ceremony venue and a celebrant. There’s almost always the option to amp up the experience with bespoke services, like floral arrangements for the bride and groom, a Fijian choir singing you down the aisle and much more! Learn more about the wedding packages available in The Best Wedding Packages in Fiji.

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2. Marriages in Fiji are Internationally Recognised

If you get married in Fiji, it’s very likely that it will be recognised in your home country. After your wedding ceremony in Fiji, your Marriage Certificate will be sent to sent to the Department of Foreign Affairs to obtain the Apostille Seal – a seal that means that your marriage will be recognised across the world. Learn more about the legalities of marriage in Fiji in our What are the Legal Requirements to Get Married in Fiji?

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3. It’s a Tropical Paradise

Warm and soothing temperatures all year round, how can you say no? Even with sea temperatures rarely dropping below 25C, you could even have an underwater wedding quite comfortably (and yes, some people do!). However, there are two distinct seasons in Fiji: the dry season (winter) and the wet season (summer), which each present their own pros and cons to couples wishing to get married in Fiji. Plan the best time to get married in Fiji for you with the help from When is the Best Time to Plan a Wedding in Fiji?

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4. There’s More Than Just White Sand Beaches

For the couple that wants a barefoot wedding on a glorious sandy beach under a tropical floral archway, Fiji has PLENTY of that. But if you’re looking for an alternative tropical wedding, how about alongside a delicate waterfall in the heart of the rainforest or on a floating pontoon surrounded by coral? What about on your own private island, on a cruise ship or while scuba diving? There’s a huge range of options for couples seeking a little different, so be sure to browse our Wedding & Honeymoon Guides to see what’s available.

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5. The Resorts are Ultra-Luxurious

Fiji is home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the South Pacific, where “bures” are private, traditionally-styled but come with luxurious comforts like private plunge or spa pools, access to your own rainforest garden or beach. There are adult-only resorts specialising in couples’ holidays and spa resorts for a relaxing stay. Check out some of your best options in The Best Wedding & Honeymoon Resorts in Fiji.

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6. Add an Exotic Flair to Your Wedding

Couples getting married in Fiji can incorporate as little or as much of the Fijian culture as they want into their wedding. Many resorts offer the choice to be escorted down the aisle by a Fijian warrior, have Fijian flower girls, have the soundtrack of a village choir or serenaders, wear floral leis or even a traditional tapa wedding dress. Whatever you decide, it’s sure to add a memorable touch to your special day.

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7. It’s an Idyllic Wedding & Honeymoon Rolled into One

Once you have said your “I dos”, jump straight into honeymoon mode is the country you are already in! Forget about taking a long flight for the first day of the rest of your lives together. Spend it scuba diving, having a private island picnic, flying in a helicopter over the amazing island vistas, swimming with manta rays or indulging in a couples massage. Now that’s more like it.

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8. Getting Married in Fiji is Often Much Cheaper Than Getting Married at Home

Sure, getting married in Fiji is more expensive than your average holiday, but it’s often much cheaper than getting married at home! With just you and your loved one or only your closest family and friends, you don’t have to worry about large wedding venues or expensive wedding dinners to feed the thousands. Fiji weddings are often small, intimate, and often reasonably priced when you consider what’s included in most wedding packages.

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