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Helicopter Tours in Fiji You Can’t Miss! A flight over the Fiji islands means flying over white sandy islands centred with lush palm trees and scattered across the blue ocean. It means distincti
Helicopter Flights in Fiji If you’ve never taken a helicopter in your life, then Fiji would be the perfect place to start. Not only do helicopter transfers and private charters take you directly
Plane and Seaplane Charters in Fiji Getting between the islands of Fiji might seem like a daunting task, but thanks to the local aeroplane and seaplane charters, getting between the islands can be an
Fiji Plane and Seaplane Tours Ever dreamt of soaring over vibrant waters decorated with islands and coral reefs? In Fiji, a number of plane and seaplane tours are available to do just that. While usin
The Best Scenic Flight Tours in Fiji Fiji is renowned for its gorgeous landscapes of scattered islands, rugged tropical jungles and azure waters. However, many visitors miss out on seeing the best of
Should You Take a Helicopter or a Seaplane for an Island Transfer in Fiji? Getting to the islands is half the fun of a Fiji getaway. With 333 islands spread across the South Pacific Ocean, some of Fij
Which Helicopters to Choose in Fiji? If there was only one country you had to choose to see from the sky, it would have to be Fiji! Tropical islands scattered among an ocean of many shades of turquois
Helicopter Charters in Fiji Swap lengthy road or boat excursions for a quick flight to your chosen resort in Fiji. Not only can you transition into “Fiji time” soon after arriving at Nadi Internat