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Accommodation Where You Can Camp in Fiji Where can you pitch a tent in Fiji? Well, not just anywhere, as most land is owned by someone. Alternatively, a few of Fiji’s resorts and lodges offer te
Budget Suva Homestays Fiji and the South Pacific Islands are alive with a vibrant culture that is well worth discovering when visiting. A great way to engage with the locals is through a homestay. In
Choose a Cheaper Resort in Fiji Want sand, sea and turquoise tropical waters without paying a premium? Fiji’s budget resorts might not be as “lavish” as some of the other options Fiji is fam
Stay in Cheap Accommodation in Fiji As cliche as it sounds, Fiji’s budget accommodation can only be described as “cheap and cheerful”! While style and facilities might not “wow” like som
Where to Stay on Beqa Island and the Pacific Harbour on a Budget After spending on epic activities like white water rafting or shark diving, you can be forgiven for wanting to save a few cents while s
Advice on Choosing a Budget Accommodation in Fiji Fiji is a paradise for the wealthy as well as backpackers thanks to the array of accommodations, making these glorious islands a stunning stay for jus
B&Bs and Homestays on the Fiji Pacific Harbour Want to get that local’s experience or save some money on accommodation while on the Pacific Harbour? Consider staying in one of the homestays
How to Choose the Best Backpacker Resort For You After exploring the popular backpacker jaunts of Australia, New Zealand or South East Asia, backpacking in Fiji feels more like a backpacker holiday aw
Cheap Accommodation on the Suncoast, Fiji You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a holiday in Fiji. The Suncoast certainly is an example of this thanks to its range of homestays, holiday home
Cheap Accommodation in the Lomaiviti Islands The Lomaiviti Islands prove that you don’t have to pay premium prices to stay in paradise. Definitely one of the up-and-coming Fiji backpacker destin
Where to Stay in the Yasawa Islands on a Budget Staying in paradise doesn’t mean you have to pay a premium. The Yasawa Islands are known for being a budget and backpacker destination in Fiji whe
Cheap Accommodation on Ovalau If the allure of the UNESCO-status Levuka town or the intriguing Lovoni village in Ovalau island’s crater has captured you, then you’re going to need to find
Cheap Accommodation in Suva Fiji might be renowned for being an expensive holiday destination but that’s certainly not the case when staying in the capital. Suva is packed with wonderful free at
Where to Find Cheap Accommodation in the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji You know those pictures of beach-lined islands surrounded by coral reefs and waters every shade of turquoise? Well, it can be found ri