Food Activities on Kadavu Scuba diving in the Great Astrolabe Reef, hiking to giant waterfalls in Kadavu village and surfing King Kong Left might take all the glory on the island of Kadavu, but be sur
Kadavu Activities You Can’t Miss! Not many travellers venture to the islands of Kadavu, but those who do are glad they did! Kadavu provides an escape from all modern life with the island be awas
A Travel Guide to Kadavu, Fiji A 57km/35mile island meandering in the southern reaches of Fiji, Kadavu (pronounced “Kan-davu”) is Fiji’s fourth-largest island. While Kadavu is a top destinat
Kadavu for Foodies It’s all about seasonal and flavoursome produce on the Fiji island of Kadavu. With rich volcanic soils and productive waters, Kadavu is an island that easily sustains itself.