Things to Do in Kadavu for Couples When you heard that Fiji was one of the world’s most romantic destinations, they were not missing Kadavu out. In fact, the adventure of getting to this remote
Food Activities on Kadavu Scuba diving in the Great Astrolabe Reef, hiking to giant waterfalls in Kadavu village and surfing King Kong Left might take all the glory on the island of Kadavu, but be sur
The Must-Dos in Kadavu Most of us only get one opportunity to visit an island as remote and pristine as Kadavu in the south of the Fiji archipelago. Kadavu provides an escape from modern-day worries w
A Travel Guide to Kadavu, Fiji A 57km/35mile island meandering in the southern reaches of Fiji, Kadavu (pronounced “Kan-davu”) is Fiji’s fourth-largest island. While Kadavu is a top destinat
What Services are Available in Kadavu? One of the most underdeveloped yet populated islands in Fiji does have its blissful charms. However, that comes with some limited downfalls, especially concernin
What to Do When to Call at Port on Dravuni Island Welcome to an all-too-rare port of call in Fiji. Dravuni Island is a tiny island set in the Kadavu Group, characteristic of what most islands look lik
Free/Cheap Activities on Kadavu Let’s be honest, we don’t all have the budget to scuba dive in Kadavu’s Great Astrolabe Reef or go on a sports fishing charter every day. How else can
Wedding, Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways on Kadavu, Fiji Couples looking for a romantic getaway that’s as unique as they are, consider one of Fiji’s lesser-visited islands like Kadavu. Th
Where to Get Married in Kadavu There’s no need to worry about awkwardly having any friends who have had Fiji weddings in Kadavu. If you’re looking for an “alternative” island wedding,
Kadavu for Foodies It’s all about seasonal and flavoursome produce on the Fiji island of Kadavu. With rich volcanic soils and productive waters, Kadavu is an island that easily sustains itself.
A Family Guide to Kadavu Pristine nature and authentic island culture await on the island of Kadavu. Fiji’s fourth-largest island is home to some 75 villages, the world’s fourth-largest ba
Family Activities in Kadavu Kadavu is an island that always surprises families. As one of Fiji’s isolated outer islands, it’s a common misconception that Kadavu has not much to offer famil
How to Travel Kadavu on a Budget This remote island spanning some 57km/35miles from east to west and about 100km/62miles from Viti Levu is certainly an off-the-beaten-track destination in Fiji. While
Transport to Kadavu Kadavu is often seen as a final frontier for visitors to Fiji. But how do you get to Fiji’s fourth largest island? Kadavu is located some 100km/62miles south of Viti Levu (Fi