Plan a Foodie Getaway to Fiji If food is the focus of your trip to Fiji then you’re in for a treat. You probably already know that South Pacific Islanders take their food seriously, especially w
Transport to Suva The capital city of Fiji is one of the many hotspots worth checking out on the islands, but how do you get there? Suva is located on the east coast of Viti Levu, Fiji’s main is
Lautoka Activities and Attractions Fiji’s second-largest town is, surprisingly, much less-visited, obscured by the nearby arrival city of Nadi. Regardless, it’s well worth exploring on a d
Nadi for Foodies There’s no other city in Fiji where foodies can try many hands-on foodie experiences! Fijians love to share their food, which can be done through various cooking classes found a