What Services are Available on Taveuni? Fiji’s third-largest island might be a pick for many travellers for its remoteness and the Bouma National Park offering untouched wilderness, but you̵
The Must-Dos on Taveuni Immerse yourself in nature on the wonderful island of Taveuni. Known as the “Garden Island”, Taveuni contains a pre-historic jungle with palms, giant ferns and tropical flo
Adults-Only Holidays on Taveuni, Qamea and Matangi Islands If you’re worried about a Fiji that’s packed with families and screaming children, then there’s no need to stress about tha
Child-Free Experiences in Taveuni, Qamea, Matangi and Laucala Islands We get it, not everyone’s version of “Fiji time” involves kids splashing in the pool and awkward tantrums echoing throug
Weddings, Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways on Taveuni With verdant jungles laced in cascading waterfalls, pristine sandy beaches and azure waters full of vibrant coral, Taveuni in the islands of Fiji
The Family Guide to Taveuni The Garden Island of Taveuni and its surrounding off-shore islands, such as Qamea, are natural playgrounds. Rich in culture, marine and birdlife, waterfalls, forests and co
Where to Get Married on Taveuni Say your “I dos” on a tropical island with more wedding venue choices than you’ll know what to do with. Luckily, the expertise of Taveuni’s resorts will hel
Family Activities on Taveuni For the family who wants to adventure together, Taveuni is sure to exceed expectations. With onshore and off-shore activities, families can enjoy fun and educational exper
Resort Weddings on Taveuni With a selection of private island resorts, adult-only resorts, resorts where you are the only guests, and luxury resorts, Taveuni is certainly equipped for a romantic getaw
Honeymoons on Taveuni, Qamea and Matangi Islands Set the scene for utter romance at one of the tranquil resorts on Taveuni, Qamea or Matangi islands. Known as Fiji’s “Garden Island”, Taveuni
How to Travel Taveuni on a Budget For backpackers looking to get off the tourist trail and discover some of the best eco experiences Fiji has to offer, Taveuni is an extremely affordable island to tra
Romantic Things to Do on Taveuni You’ve chosen one of the most romantic islands in Fiji to spend your getaway together, now fill up your retreat with romantic experiences. The island of Taveuni is p
Budget Tips for Travelling Taveuni With such an array of land and water attractions on one compact island, Taveuni is a backpacker’s paradise. The island begs to be explored on the cheap, with a
Taveuni for Foodies If we had to pick the best island in Fiji for foodies, it would have to be Taveuni. The fertile lands are so abundant with tropical fruit, medicinal plants and vegetables that it&#