How to Pick the Best Bed & Breakfast in Fiji for You© Pexels
How to Pick the Best Bed & Breakfast in Fiji for You

How to Pick the Best Bed & Breakfast in Fiji for You

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Advice on Choosing a B&B in Fiji

We get it, the resort holiday is not for everyone. If you’re looking for something that’s kinder on the budget and provides a more “local” experience, then bed & breakfasts are usually a good way to go. However, Fiji is lacking in bed & breakfast accommodation, replaced instead by boutique lodges and local homestays. Nevertheless, we’ll still go over what you need to know about B&Bs in Fiji with this guide on how to choose the right bed & breakfast in Fiji for you.

Things You Need to Know About Staying in a B&B in Fiji

  • Bed & breakfasts are not a popular style of accommodation in Fiji, but the next best things would be homestays and lodges
  • Most B&B-style accommodation can be found in Nadi and Suva, with some in the outer island towns of Savusavu and Levuka
  • Most B&Bs have kitchen facilities, so look for accommodation near markets and supermarkets to make the most of these facilities
  • Check out some B&B-style accommodations in the 5 Best Fiji Bed & Breakfast Accommodation.
How to Pick the Best Bed & Breakfast in Fiji for You©

What are the B&Bs Like in Fiji?

Bed & breakfasts, as some of you may know them, are very limited in Fiji. There are only a handful of accommodations with multiple guest rooms and a communal area in a family-style home with breakfast included. We will continue to talk about this style of accommodation in this article. However, we talk about similar (but different) accommodation styles in the following articles:

Plus, if you’re looking for Airbnb accommodation, which covers a wide range of accommodation styles, check out the 10 Best Airbnbs in Fiji A252.

Bed & breakfasts in Fiji usually refer to guesthouses or lodge-style accommodation in Fiji’s main towns and cities. They range from modern villas with a pool to humble homes in the city suburbs. Guests will usually have a private room in the B&B with either an ensuite or a shared bathroom. There is usually access to cooking facilities in the communal kitchen, as well as a communal lounge and dining area.

How to Pick the Best Bed & Breakfast in Fiji for You©

Location, How to Get There and What’s Nearby?

As mentioned, B&Bs in Fiji can only really be found in Fiji’s main towns. This includes the towns of Nadi, Suva, Levuka and Savusavu.


Nadi is the location of Fiji’s main international airport, making it the easiest and cheapest location to get to for a B&B stay. However, Nadi’s B&Bs are scattered across the suburbs of this large town, which might mean you will need your own transport or will need to take public transport to get around. Learn more about the transport in Nadi and what to do there in The Complete Guide to Nadi and in the 6 Ways to Get to Nadi (& Get Around Nadi).


Suva is the capital of Fiji, located on the island of Viti Levu just a 30-minute flight or a 4-hour bus journey from Nadi. Suva’s B&Bs are not only located in the Suva suburbs and centre, but some are close to Nausori Airport which is approximately 20km (12 miles) from town. Get familiar with Suva with The Complete Guide to Suva and the transport available in 6 Ways to Get to Suva.


Levuka is the hub of the Lomaiviti Islands, which is a 12-minute flight/4-hour ferry from Suva. The town on the island of Ovalau is where you’ll find a couple of B&B-style accommodations, from budget to mid-range options. The town is a historic attraction in itself. Check out things to do there in The Complete Guide to the Lomaiviti Islands and how to get there in the 5 Ways to Get to the Lomaiviti Islands.


Savusavu is one of the main towns of Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second-largest island. B&B-style lodges here are located within walking distance of the town centre. Learn more about the island’s attractions in The Complete Guide to Vanua Levu and how to get there in the 6 Ways to Get to Vanua Levu (& Get Around Vanua Levu).

How to Pick the Best Bed & Breakfast in Fiji for You©

What’s Included in Your Stay?

Well, you know that at least a bed and breakfast will be included in your Fijian B&B stay, but what else are you likely to experience? Inclusions can turn a good holiday into a great one, as the little extras might just make your getaway much easier and therefore, enjoyable. When comparing bed & breakfasts in Fiji, make sure you check what facilities are available, as well as what extra services are included.

Inclusions and Facilities to Compare

Some of the facilities, services and inclusions you might want to compare include:

  • Communal kitchen or meals available to purchase
  • Ensuite or shared bathrooms
  • Fans or air-conditioning
  • Insect screened windows or mosquito nets
  • Toiletries
  • Swimming pool
  • Outside deck
  • Garden
  • Ocean views
  • In-house tours and activities
  • Car parking
  • WiFi
  • Airport transfers
  • Washing machine.

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