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How to Pick the Best Boat Stay in Fiji for You

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Advice on Choosing a Boat Stay in Fiji

Sure, Fiji has a lot of resorts, but for the travellers that think outside of the box, boat stays can provide an unforgettable experience. From simple boat stays in a sheltered bay to luxury sailing charters to island-hopping cruises, there are many ways to stay on a boat in Fiji. Saying that, they provide wildly contrasting experiences. Make sure you understand the types of boat stays available with this complete guide on how to pick the best boat stay in Fiji for you.

Things You Need to Know About Staying on a Boat in Fiji

  • Not all boat stays in Fiji include sailings – check to see whether your boat stay is moored or otherwise
  • Most boat stays in Fiji can be found in Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and Taveuni
  • Boat stays range from rustic yachts to four-star cruise ships to luxury catamaran yachts
  • Bring your preferred seasickness remedies if your boat stay includes sailing
  • Some boat stays are not super flexible, for example, you can only access with a tender or a cruise runs on a schedule.
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The Different Types of Fiji Boat Stays

Fiji is a nation mainly consisting of the beautiful southern Pacific Ocean, so it’s no wonder that there are several ways that you can stay on a boat here.

Moored Boat Stays

Moored boat stays in Fiji provide a unique accommodation alternative to staying in a resort. This type of accommodation means simply staying in a yacht that is moored. They typically have a range of essential facilities, from bedroom cabins to a kitchen and bathroom. Check out a couple of examples in the 5 Unique Boat Stays in Fiji.

Sailing Charters

Get an all-in-one sailing adventure and your accommodation in Fiji with one of the sailing charters available. These are typically multi-day trips where you’ll have your own cabin and bathroom and either have access to kitchen facilities or be kept well-fed by an onboard chef. Check out some examples in the 5 Best Sailing Charter Accommodation in Fiji A250.


Offering active scuba diving holidays, liveaboards are boating trips in Fiji where you’ll get to stay on the boat and go scuba diving each day. Accommodation, food and dives are usually all included. Check out the 5 Best Liveaboards in Fiji for examples.

Small-ship Cruises

Fiji is home to a couple of small-ship cruise liners, which provide all-inclusive trips anchoring at a new island or bay each day. Check out our full guide in The Guide to Cruises Around Fiji for more information.

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Location and How to Get There

When comparing boat stays, sailing charters and cruises, etc. it’s a good idea to see where these boat stays are based or depart from, as the location has an impact on time and budget.

Most moored boat stays in Fiji are based in Denarau and Wailoaloa Beach near Nadi, while small-ship cruises and some sailing charters also depart from Denarau. This is one of the easiest locations in Fiji to get to, being only around 15km (9 miles) from Nadi International Airport.

Other sailing charters and liveaboards depart from the islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni in the northern regions of Fiji, which will require an additional flight or ferry journey to reach from Nadi International Airport.

Check out the following guides to help you figure out how to get to these destinations:

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What’s Included in Your Stay?

As you may have figured out, the boat stays in Fiji are much about the whole experience than just the accommodation. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to compare the inclusions of your boat stay, sailing charter, liveaboard and cruise to make sure you’re getting the experience you’re looking for.

Inclusions to Compare

In Fijian boat stays, these are the activities and services that are often available to compare:

  • Sailing or stationary
  • All meals and/or kitchen facilities
  • Alcohol and soft drinks
  • Water sports activities
  • Island excursions
  • Scuba diving and gear rental
  • Docking fees
  • Airport transfers.


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