How to Pick the Best Lodge in Fiji for You© Pixabay
How to Pick the Best Lodge in Fiji for You

How to Pick the Best Lodge in Fiji for You

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Advice on Choosing a Lodge in Fiji

Travellers on a budget, check out some of the lodges in Fiji! From bures (bungalows) scattered across a sandy beachfront to boutique guesthouses with real Fijian hospitality, there are varying styles of “lodges” in Fiji. Nevertheless, they each offer a more laidback and often much cheaper alternative to staying in one of Fiji’s lavish resorts. Find out if staying in a lodge is right for you with this guide to choosing a lodge in Fiji.

Things You Need to Know About Staying in a Lodge in Fiji

  • Most of the lodges in Fiji are budget accommodation, with the exception of Naveira Heights Lodge
  • Some lodges in Fiji are more like a budget resort than a lodge, particularly in the Yasawa Islands and the Suncoast
  • Some lodges have all meals included if they are in a remote location, so bear this in mind when comparing prices
  • When a lodge says it has free WiFi, it usually only means in the communal areas
  • See examples of Fiji’s lodges in the 10 Best Lodges in Fiji.
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What are the Types of Lodges in Fiji?

As we’ve briefly touched on, “lodge” is a rather vague term when it comes to describing accommodation in Fiji. However, it typically fits into one of two types of accommodation:

Guesthouse/B&B-style Lodge

Some lodges in Fiji are similar to a guesthouse or a B&B in that they are accommodation with multiple guest rooms and communal guest facilities. Room types may include private double rooms with ensuites, private double, twin rooms and dorm rooms with shared bathroom facilities.

Resort-style Lodge

Some accommodations with “lodge” in the name are closer to resorts than lodges. This the case for many of the lodges in the Yasawa Islands, where accommodation consists of separate guest bures (bungalows). However, there is typically a dorm building in these resort-style lodges. There is also usually a central restaurant or dining area for guests.

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Location, How to Get There and What is Nearby?

Lodges in Fiji are mainly found in Nadi and the Suncoast in Viti Levu, as well as the Yasawa Islands and Savusavu in Vanua Levu. A limited number of lodges can also be found in Taveuni.

Lodges in Nadi and Savusavu are close to essential services and supermarkets, making them a cheap destination to visit and enjoy independently. Lodges in the Yasawa Islands, the Suncoast and Taveuni are a little more off the beaten track which means that they not only take longer to get to but you have to solely rely on the services they offer when it comes to food and entertainment.

We recommend getting to know these destinations a little better and seeing how to get there using the following guides:

How to Pick the Best Lodge in Fiji for You©

Price and Inclusions

Inclusions at your lodge can make the difference between simply a bed for the night and complete holiday experience. Of course, the more inclusions a lodge has and the more luxurious a lodge is, the more expensive the nightly rates are, so this needs to be weighed up when determining the value of accommodation.

How Much Does a Night at a Lodge Cost?

Lodge nightly rates vary depending on what type of lodge it is, its location and its inclusions.

A guesthouse-style lodge in Nadi or Savusavu costs between FJ$90 for a single room in a budget lodge to FJ$250 for a double room in a four-star lodge.

A resort-style lodge outside in the Yasawas or the Suncoast costs between FJ$90 per night for a dorm room and all meals and FJ$180 for a private bure with meals.

Compare prices on websites like to find a lodge that suits your budget.

What’s Included?

A room or bure at a lodge might seem expensive at first glance, but if it includes most of the activities you want and has, for instance, meals included, then it might weigh up to be good value. On the other side, you don’t want to be paying extra for services you’re not going to use…

Some facilities and inclusions you should compare include:

  • All meals or breakfast included
  • Insect screened windows or a mosquito net
  • Fan or air-conditioning
  • Kitchen facilities or a restaurant
  • In-room tea/coffee-making facilities
  • Beach or swimming pool
  • Airport transfers
  • Watersports rentals
  • Washing machine
  • In-house tours and activities (like fishing, snorkelling, etc.).


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