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The Adventure Guide to Fiji

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Plan Your Adventure in Fiji

Tropical islands aren’t particularly known for their “adventure” – it’s more about the resorts and beaches. Well, Fiji is different. Even the most active traveller will feel satisfied here, from land adventures such as off-roading tours to sea adventures such as scuba diving with sharks. Fiji’s largest island holds some epic river excursions through white water rafting and jet boating, while the skies aren’t even the limit with helicopter tours and skydiving also on the adventure activity menu. So start planning your Fiji adventure with this adventure guide to these stunning South Pacific islands…

Off-the-Beaten-Track Islands to Explore

Before we dive into Fiji’s most adventurous activities, let’s take a look at some of the least-explored islands in Fiji for when having a “sense of adventure” is simply discovering hidden gems!

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Snorkelling, Scuba Diving and Shark Diving

Fiji’s clear turquoise waters teeming with tropical marine life are what draw many to the island archipelago. It would almost be a crime to not at least snorkel while in Fiji. But for more dramatic seascapes to explore, the oxygen tanks need to go on for a scuba diving trip among the vast coral reefs of wonderful colours and tropical fish. You can even amp up the experience to an adrenaline-pumping level with a shark dive with Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, various reef sharks and more.

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Jet Boating, White Water Rafting and River Tubing

It’s not just the ocean that’s worth exploring in Fiji. The rugged interior of the main island, Viti Levu, also holds many adventures. The best way to venture into the heart of Fiji is via the river, which can be done through jet boating, white water rafting and river-tubing.

Jet boats are designed to skim over the shallowest of waters to help get to those hard-to-reach places, such as the remote villages and waterfalls of the Sigatoka and Navua Rivers in Viti Levu. Oh yeah, and they also have the advantage of being able to achieve 360-degree spins on one spot!

Jet boating is a fun way to get up the river, but for getting back down,  white water rafting through the towering river gorge of the Navua River is an exciting and stunning experience. Alternatively, river tubing is a more family-friendly option where you’ll sit in an inflatable ring and have ridiculous fun riding the gentle rapids.

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Surfing and Windsurfing

Big southerly swells mean big breaks in Fiji, particularly in winter, which is one of the best times to harness the elements and ride Fiji’s epic surf breaks. There are established surf breaks across the islands of Fiji, from the popular Mamanuca Islands and its surrounding surf resorts to the uncrowded breaks of Kadavu, Taveuni and off the shores of the Pacific Harbour.

For more of a niche watersport, windsurfing is also extremely popular with enthusiasts. Particularly around the island of Nanau-i-Ra and the lagoons off Turtle Island, the conditions are ideal for skimming across the tranquil lagoons.

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Jet Skiing and Off-Roading

Yes, self-drive motorsports are also a thing in Fiji and an exciting way to explore Fiji’s wild interior on an off-roading tour or do some island-hopping on a jet ski tour.

Off-roading comes in the form of self-drive quad bikes and dune buggies, 4WD tours with a driver and guide, as well as a unique electric bicycle carriage on an old sugar cane railway. Off-roading tours typically involve excursions to remote waterfalls, traditional Fijian villages and breathtaking island lookouts.

If you would prefer to be out on the water, then jet ski safaris will take you across Fiji’s tropical waters to various islands. Some jet ski safaris stop by isolated beaches for lunch, snorkelling hotspots or something else.

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Skydiving, Helicopter and Seaplane Tours

Adventures also take to the sky in Fiji, whether it’s getting an alternative perspective of the archipelago from a helicopter or seaplane or freefalling from 14,000ft (with a parachute, of course)!

Fiji has no lack of helicopter experiences, from lavish ways of getting to your island resort to scenic tours across the scattered islands and inland mountains. Seaplanes are another option for getting commanding views of the Fijian landscapes, with some trips including a stop at a remote island for either private beach experiences or exploring coral caves.

To amp up the adrenaline, skydiving is also available in Fiji with dropzones in Nadi, Denarau or your chosen island resort for a unique island transfer.

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Best of the Rest

And the adventure doesn’t stop there, as Fiji also happens to be a place to try your hand at game fishing, exploring the islands by kayak or stand-up paddleboard, hike across the islands, do horse trekking and more. Check out the below guides to follow your interests to your next Fiji adventure:


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