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The Top Cheap Eats on the Coral Coast

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Where to Find Cheap Food on the Coral Coast

The Coral Coast has some of Fiji’s finest restaurants gracing the waterfront within its luxury hotels and resorts, but what about the options for budget travellers or if you just want to save a bit of dough on food? Luckily, there are a few cheap eateries dotted around the towns of Sigatoka, Korolevu, Korotogo and more that will keep hunger at bay for less! Here, we’ll list the top cheap eats on the Coral Coast – and we’re talking the cheapest of the cheap!

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5 Tips to Save Money on Food on the Coral Coast

  • Eating in the towns is much cheaper than in your resort
  • Make your own meals by staying in homestays, holiday homes or apartments like Shalini Garden Hotel & Apartments
  • In relation to the point above, pick up food from the produce market in Sigatoka, as well as roadside stalls for cheap fruit and vegetables
  • Picking something off the vegetarian menu is a sure-fire way to save money
  • Consider an early dinner, as the resort lunch menus are much cheaper than the dinner menus.

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Cheap Eats on the Coral Coast – FJ$10 and Under

If you’re looking for quick snacks or the “cheapest of the cheap meals” on the Coral Coast, then these restaurants, cafes and bakeries will definitely help you stick to your budget.

The Cheapest Food in Sigatoka and Korolevu

For lunch, it’s always worth stopping by the cute Cafe Planet and its garden surroundings. Enjoy food outside with wraps, sandwiches and pies all for under FJ$10! You’ll even have some money left over for coffee.

For fast food (and if you’re not feeling too fussy) there’s a Chicken Express in Sigatoka town serving up quick “chicken and chips”-type meals, including burgers for under FJ$10.

One of the cheapest Asian restaurants in Sigatoka is Naidu’s South Indian Restaurant, which serves up the likes of halal chicken fried rice, chop suey, curry, as well as their vegetarian counterparts for just under FJ$10. Plus, their fish, chips and coke are only around FJ$6!

For guests staying at The Beachhouse in Korolevu, you have the treat of the budget resort’s “Free Afternoon Tea” session every day at 3pm. They serve complimentary tea and coffee with a freshly-baked scone or pikelets. Like many resorts on the Coral Coast, they also do free breakfast.

Finally, you can’t leave Sigatoka, or Fiji for that matter, without picking up a pie, sandwich or sweet treat from the Hot Bread Kitchen. The popular Fiji bakery chain is the go-to for a quick snack from the cabinet. What’s more, the food is pretty darn good for around FJ$4-$10!

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Cheap Eats on the Coral Coast – $11-$20

While most restaurant meals cost FJ$30-$50 around the Coral Coast, we’ve managed to find a few hidden gems that won’t burn a hole through your wallet. But if you’re looking for culinary experiences, be sure to check out our Foodie Guide to the Coral Coast.

Cheap Asian Restaurants in Sigatoka, Cuvu and Namatakula

Indo-Fijian food is always a sure-fire way to get a cheap meal on the Coral Coast. Curry houses in Sigatoka, like Raj’s Curry House, offer an array of Indian meals for under FJ$20, especially on their chicken and vegetarian menus. If you’re situated further east, try the Indiana Curry House in Namatakula. Most of their mains are under FJ$20 and come with rice and naan bread.

Chinese food is always a good way to eat cheaply too, especially at Shiva’s Wine and Dine Restaurant in Sigatoka. They serve up all sorts of Asian cuisine from prawn curries to Thai fried rice to wontons – feeding a person for an average of FJ$20. Alternatively, SunBird Restaurant is another amazing but cheap Chinese restaurant option in Sigatoka.

You can find a little bit of everything at Tomlu’s Seafood Restaurant in Cuvu. Indian curries, fish & chips, omelettes and vegetarian Chinese food all for under FJ$20.

Cheap Resort Restaurants in Maui Bay and Korolevu

One of the very few accommodations that offer very well-priced food in their restaurant all day long is the Namolevu Beach Bures at Maui Bay. Both lunch and dinner menus are priced the same with most options being just under FJ$20, for instance, tacos, curry, pasta linguine, fresh fish & chips, Asian stir fry, burgers, pizzas and more.

Another accommodation offering affordable meals is at the Tubakula Beach Bungalows at Korolevu with home-style meals and pizzas for FJ$8-$17.

For lunch, stop by Bedarra Beach Inn in Korolevu with pasta, stir-fries, sandwiches, Fijian curries and “fish in lolo” all for FJ$20 or just under.

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