Which SIM Card to Get in Fiji

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably realised that getting a local SIM card is a cheaper way to stay in touch with home and connecting with locals than what most overseas roaming plans can provide. For this reason, we’ve put together a quick comparison of the two major phone networks in Fiji, so you can decide what is the best SIM card for Fiji.

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Tips for Using Your Phone in Fiji

Make Sure Your Phone Works in Fiji

You will be able to use a Fiji SIM card in your phone if your phone is a GSM dual-band or tri-band phone and operates on a 900Mhz frequency.

Know Where You’re Likely to Get Coverage

Both phone networks in Fiji have similar coverage across Fiji. The strongest coverage is in the most populated areas. The minor differences are that Vodafone has a stronger coverage in the northern Yasawa Islands and around Vanua Levu, while Digicel has stronger coverage in some parts of inland Viti Levu.

You Need to Register Your Phone Number

Fijian law requires all phone numbers in Fiji to be registered. This is all part of the process when you get a SIM card from any official Vodafone or Digicel store. Find out more in What are the Fiji Phone Networks?

Make Sure You Have the Right Travel Adapter

Ok, so this is an obvious one but just in case, make sure you can charge your phone by having the right electricity adapter. See the 8 Best Travel Adapters for Fiji.

Vodafone SIM Cards

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Vodafone Fiji has the convenience of having a store right in the arrivals hall of Nadi International Airport. The phone network offers reasonably-priced “Tourist Packs” including the SIM card, but you might find that the standard Vodafone Fiji SIM card is all you need. Check out the rates below.

Flat Rates for Vodafone Fiji

  • Calls to Vodafone numbers: 20c/17c* per 30 secs
    Calls to Landlines: 23c/20c* per 30 secs
    Calls to Digicel numbers: 24c*/21c per 30 secs
    *Peak rate (7am to 5pm)/Off-peak rate (5pm-7am)
  • Texts to Fiji & international numbers: 18c per text
  • Mobile internet browsing: FJ$2.79 per MB (or free for accessing Vlive or the Vodafone Fiji website)
  • Picture messages to Fiji & international numbers: 30c per MMS.

Data Bundles on Vodafone Fiji

  • 24-Hour Bundles, ranging from the Daily Pass 1GB for FJ$1.99 to Daily Plus FJ$3.99 for 3GB.
  • 7-Day Bundles, ranging from the Weekly Pass FJ$6.99 for 3GB to the Weekly Mega FJ$11 for 11GB
  • 30-Day Bundles, ranging from the Monthly Plus FJ$35 for 20GB to the Giga 50 FJ$50 for 50GB.

Tourist Packs on Vodafone Fiji

Tourist Packs are also available with Vodafone Fiji, providing a selection of free minutes, texts and data for up to 15 days. Packs, including the SIM card, are priced between FJ$35 and FJ$100, with the more you pay the more minutes, texts and data you get. Note that once the 15 days are up or you go over your limit, you will need to pay the Tourist Pack flat rates, which are more expensive than the normal Vodafone Fiji flat rates listed above.

Vodafone Fiji Store Locations

Suva, Sigatoka, Nausori, Nadi town, Nadi International Aiport, Lautoka, Tavua and Labasa.

Digicel SIM Cards

What is the best SIM card for Fiji

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For travellers who want to go heavier on the data, Digicel Fiji presents a better SIM card. Like Vodafone, Digicel Fiji offers a “Tourist SIM Card”, which is not too different from their standard SIM card. It could well be a good choice, considering you get free limited data and calls for the first 48 hours. Digicel Fiji also offers an easy-to-use app to organise your bundles.

Flat Rates for Digicel Fiji

  • Calls to Fiji numbers: 17c per 30 secs
    Calls to international numbers: 42c-FJ$2.85 per minute (depending on the country you are calling)
  • Texts to Digicel numbers: 14c per text
    Texts to Vodafone numbers: 16c per text
    Texts to international numbers: 17c per text
    Texts to satellite phones: FJ$1.90 per text
  • Mobile internet browsing: 21c per MB
  • Picture messages to Fiji & international numbers: 30c per MMS.

Data Bundles for Digicel Fiji

  • 24 Hours to 3-Day Bundles, ranging from the Daily 2GB Data for FJ$2 to the Big Phat 4GB Data for FJ$4
  • 7-15-Day Bundles, ranging from the Big Phat 7GB Data for FJ$7 to the Big Phat 15GB Data for FJ$15
  • 30-Day Bundle is one option: the Big Phat 25GB for FJ$25.

All data bundles allow you free access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook Messenger. They also include free calls and texts to Digicel numbers.

Tourist SIMs for Digicel Fiji

Digicel Fiji offers Tourist SIM cards where you’ll pay FJ$29, FJ$49 or FJ$99 for a loaded number of data, minutes and texts. Note that their cheapest Tourist SIM bundle only includes data and lasts just seven days, while the latter two options include calls, texts and data for up to 30 days. Digicel Fiji also offers a free Tourist SIM with 1.5GB and 10 minutes call time that is valid for 48 hours.

Digicel Fiji Store Locations

Suva, Sigatoka, Nausori, Nadi town, Nadi International Airport, Ba, Tavua and Labasa.

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What is the Best SIM Card for Fiji