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kids love fiji

Why Do Kids Love Fiji?

© Mark Snyder – Tourism Fiji

Fiji: Your Next Family Vacation?

Thinking about your next family holiday? Where are you going to take the kids for some family time together? Where are your kids going to get a rich cultural experience, be educated yet still have a crazy amount of fun?! Consider a family vacation to Fiji! Kids love Fiji! This video sums up why.

5 Reasons You Should Take Your Kids to Fiji

1. The Resorts are Super Child-Friendly

The number one reason to take your kids to Fiji is the amazing resorts. Fiji’s family-friendly resorts are a kids’ dream with swimming pools, an array of activities that the whole family can enjoy, not to mention the outstanding kids’ clubs! The Fiji kids’ clubs are not only educational and fun but give mum and dad a chance to spend some alone time together. Start planning with our list of 10 Best Family Resorts in Fiji.

2. The Locals Adore Children

Fijians are fun and friendly around children, giving your kids a chance to connect with people from different cultures. Learn more about meeting the locals with our How to Have a Real Fiji Cultural Experience.

3. There’s Something for All Ages

Whether you’re travelling with a baby, young children or teens, there are plenty of activities for all. There are kids’ clubs for different age groups, including teenagers, where you’re loved ones will get to mingle with kids of a similar age. Nanny services are also available and very affordable.

4. There are Plenty of Ways to Spend Time Together

From playing in the pool to teaching the kids to kayak to going on a family boat trip island excursion, there are plenty of ways to spend quality time in Fiji together. Check out this What to Do for 5 Days in Fiji on a Family Vacation for some ideas of what you and your family could get up to.

5. There’s Food for Even the Pickiest Eaters

There’s no need to worry about what’s on the menu in Fiji’s resorts. Menus cater to the little ones too, often with dishes that they will recognise from home. (That’s not to say that there’s plenty of new food to try too!) Check out our 10 Best Foodie Experiences in Fiji.

Sounds like the perfect place for a family vacation? Get prepared with this list of 29 Tips for Travelling to Fiji With Children!


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