10 Luxury Activities in Vanua Levu

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Luxurious Things to Do on Vanua Levu

A special place such as the island of Vanua Levu deserves to be experienced through the most luxurious of activities. With that mantra in mind, we have put together this list of luxury activities on Vanua Levu – perfect for celebrating a special occasion.

From the land, air and sea, there’s plenty to explore on Vanua Levu through special experiences. Discover the vibrant seascape through scuba diving, sailing or fishing. Be in awe of the tropical islands and reefs decorating the azure waters from a helicopter flight. Indulge in fresh Fijian cuisine in sublime locations around the island. It’s all here on Fiji’s island-less-travelled, Vanua Levu.

For more inspiration, head to The Luxury Guide to Vanua Levu.

1. Scuba Dive at World-Famous Dive Sites

The seascape surrounding Vanua Levu is nothing short of breathtaking. Coral gardens teem with tropical fish to enjoy through kayaking, snorkelling, or the most special of all, scuba diving. Some of Fiji’s top scuba diving locations are just off the shores of Vanua Levu: Rainbow Reef, Namena Marine Reserve and the Great Sea Reef to name a few. Reinforced by the name, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort‘s dive centre is highly revered, making it a great base to dive the Namena Marine Reserve. What’s more, there’s more to gain from the experience with an on-site marine biologist to teach you more about the underwater world. Needless to say, scuba diving is readily available at all of Vanua Levu’s luxury resorts where it’s almost impossible not to be impressed by any of the dive sites they take you to.

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2. Get the Castaway Experience on a Deserted Island or Sand Bar

One of the must-do luxury Fiji activities is to get the “castaway” experience. The Remote Resort will whisk you and your loved one away to a deserted beach or one of the islands dotting the Rainbow Reef region for a day of snorkelling and enjoying one another’s company in a secluded paradise. A similar activity can also be experienced with a gourmet picnic and Champagne with resorts such as Emaho Sekawa, Namale and Nukubati.

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3. Rejuvenate with a Fijian Bobo Massage

Fiji time” is all about relaxation and rejuvenation, so it would almost be a crime to not get a luxurious massage while on Vanua Levu. Resorts like Nukubati Island have therapists from local villages who are experts in the traditional Fijian Bobo massage. Experience it for yourself in their massage bure, privately in your bure, or on the beach at sunset. The Namale Spa, on the other hand, features in our 10 Best Spas in Fiji for having one of the most impressive spa complexes across the islands of Fiji. See more spa options with our 10 Best Spas on Vanua Levu.

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4. Experience the Thrills of a South Pacific Sports Fishing Trip

Take up the exciting opportunity to fish for highly-sought game fish with a private fishing charter on Vanua Levu. Tackle the likes of sailfish, mahimahi, wahoo, marlin and much more on a fishing trip with Savasi Island Resort‘s 28ft fishing vessel. Alternatively, get out on the famed Sovosovo Strait – an angler’s dream with a huge array of reef and pelagic fish on board the Sea Dancer with The Remote Resort.

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5. Treat Her to a Private Dinner in a Candlelit Sea Cave

Private dining should be tried at least once while staying on Vanua Levu, adding the cherry on top of a magical stay on the island. At the Namela Resort, there are some truly special locations to enjoy a romantic meal, including beside a waterfall or a candlelit sea cave by the beach. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about what you order as all the meals and beverages are included at this all-inclusive resort. Private dining can also be experienced at Nukubati Island Resort with a table set up on the beach under the Milky Way. Or how about a private table at the end of a secluded jetty at The Remote Resort?

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6. Indulge in Fine Dining at Vanua Levu’s Luxury Resorts

It’s difficult to pick just a couple of Vanua Levu’s luxury resorts to mention here. All of them have divine menus with a South Pacific flair, more often than not, sourced fresh from the ocean and the resort’s very own gardens. However, the cuisine at Emaho Sekawa mixes a guilt-free experience of locally sourced produce and traditional Fijian recipes made to fine dining standards. Alternatively, Nukubati Island Resort makes a great choice, but be warned that your dish might go cold after you have finished taking photos of the creatively presented Fijian food. Crab shells, coconut shells, clamshells, banana leaves and pineapple skins all make for photo-worthy vessels to your delicious food.

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7. Escape to an Adult-Only Paradise

For those seeking pure tranquillity on the island of Vanua Levu, it can certainly be found at the luxury resorts. More so at the Namale Resort & Spa, which is Vanua Levu’s only complete adult-only resort. Their policy of only allowing guests aged 16 and above keeps the resort in a constant state of peace. Alternatively, the Koro Sun Resort might be open to all ages but their unique Edgewater Floating Bures are exclusively for adults, making the whole area a peaceful haven to enjoy with your loved one. Learn more in our Adult Only Guide to Vanua Levu.

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8. Treat the Little Ones to a Day in an Award-Winning Kids’ Club

A family holiday on Vanua Levu promises to be fun and educational, at least for the kids when staying at either the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort or Koro Sun Resort. Both resorts offer amazing kids’ clubs where the little ones will be whisked away for the day to embark on adventures of discovery, learning about environmental protection, marine life and the lively Fijian culture. We consider the Vanua Levu kids’ clubs a luxury for both children and parents, especially as alone time can be so precious. Learn more about what each kids’ club has to offer in our The Guide to Vanua Levu for Families.

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9. Try Sailing for Yourself on a Hobie Cat Sailboat

While kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are a staple of any beachside resort on Vanua Levu (and Fiji for that matter), nothing beats the thrills of sailing your boat. Even beginners can try out the fantastic Hobie Cat sailboats at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort to get a taste of this exciting way to explore Savusavu Bay. Similar sailboats are also part of the collection at the Nukubati Island Resort where one of the activities team is available every day to help you out on the water if you need it.

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[CLOSED] Fly Over the Islands on a Scenic Helicopter Flight

[Update: Savusavu Helicopters is no longer operating]. Get some air time and a truly mesmerising perspective of Vanua Levu by taking the skies with Savusavu Helicopters. The helicopter charter can often pick you up from your chosen luxury resort or Savusavu and take you to see the coral reefs decorating the ocean and close to the rugged peaks of the island. There’s nothing like it – so definitely keep it in mind if you have a sense of adventure.

-luxury-things-to-do-vanua-levu© Savusavu Helicopters

More Luxury Activities in Vanua Levu and Fiji

That’s it for the best luxury activities on Vanua Levu. Take a moment to look at The Complete Luxury Travel Guide to Fiji. Trust us, there’s a lot of essential tips there.


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