Fiji Travel Tips That You Need to Know About! With 333 islands of rugged volcanic beauty topped with lush tropical forest lining golden sand beaches, Fiji has a way of enchanting travellers to explore
What Can You Not Bring into Fiji? Fiji border control has strict rules on what visitors can bring into the country. The majority of restricted or prohibited items are those which pose a threat to the
What is the Weather Like in Fiji in March? Get ready for what is often the wettest month of the year in Fiji! Yes, March falls in the middle of the wet season in Fiji, meaning it’s hot, it’
What Does the Fiji Arrival Card Look Like? During your flight or cruise to Fiji, part of the in-flight entertainment is filling out the Fiji Passenger Arrival Card. This card, once completed, must be
What is the Weather Like in April? April in Fiji brings a whole new meaning to “April Showers”, as April is the final month of the wet season! The weather is hot, humid and often has quick bursts
What is the Weather Like in Fiji in February? With little tourists, hot days and stunning sunsets, February is a charming time of the year to visit Fiji. February falls in the wet season, putting most
What is the Weather Like in Fiji in June? If you’re looking to escape the winter (or get a headstart on summer depending on where you are from), then there’s no better place to serve you t
What is the Weather Like in Fiji in May? Hot sunny days, cool and comfortable nights, sharing the poolside with fewer tourists… May is often considered one of the best months to visit Fiji. May mark
What is the Weather Like in Fiji in December? Looking to spoil yourself and your loved ones this Christmas? Then a December holiday in one of the most relaxing group of islands in the world would defi
What is the Weather Like in Fiji in November? Although it always feels like summer in Fiji, the official start of summer is during November. Summer in Fiji is also known as the “wet season” with i