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The Complete Travel Guide to Vanua Levu

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Travel Guide to Vanua Levu

Vanua Levu goes by many names: The Friendly North, Hidden Paradise, Big Island, The Other Island… The facts are that Vanua Levu is Fiji’s second-largest island and one far less visited by tourists. It’s the final frontier for adventurous backpackers, a tranquil paradise for romantics, and an educational discovery for families. While you can take part in activities that are available elsewhere in Fiji, Vanua Levu has a well-deserved name for scuba diving and snorkelling, as well as bird watching in its rugged rainforest interior. We’ll guide you through some of the experiences and accommodations for every type of traveller with this complete guide to Vanua Levu.

Fast Facts About Vanua Levu

Location: Northern Fiji (see map below)

Population: 135,961

Climate: Daily average temperature – 25°C/77°F, yearly average rainfall – 2,500mm/98″
Find out more in What is the Weather Like in Fiji?

Time Zone: FJT / GMT+12/+13
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How to get to Vanua Levu: Direct international flights from the South Pacific islands, Australia, New Zealand and Korea land at Nadi International Airport, all of which have many connecting flights. Vanua Levu can be accessed via domestic flight from Nadi and Suva airports or through various Viti Levu ferry services. Cruises to Vanua Levu are also available. See 6 Ways to Get to Vanua Levu (& Get Around Vanua Levu) for more information.

For information on supermarkets, medical centres and other essentials in the Information, Shops & Services on Vanua Levu.

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Luxury Holidays on Vanua Levu

If you’re looking for secluded luxury on one of Fiji’s lesser-known islands then you’ve found the place. Vanua Levu is home to some of Fiji’s most luxurious spas, dazzling helicopter flights and top scuba diving sites such as Rainbow Reef, Namena Marine Reserve and the White Wall. Combine these experiences with a private flight onto the island and staying in one of the all-inclusive resorts, and you’re in for an extra special vacation. Get more advice in The Luxury Guide to Vanua Levu.

5 Luxury Activities on Vanua Levu

  • Scuba dive at world-famous dive sites, such as Rainbow Reef and the Namena Marine Reserve
  • Fly over the islands and azure waters on a scenic helicopter flight
  • Treat her to a private dinner in a candlelit sea cave
  • Experience an exciting sports fishing trip
  • Rejuvenate with a Fijian Bobo massage.

Like the sound of those? See more “spoil yourself” experiences in our list of 10 Luxury Activities on Vanua Levu.

Where to Stay in Luxury on Vanua Levu

While Vanua Levu might have fewer luxury offerings than Fiji’s other islands, some of the country’s most prestigious addresses are here. Experience all-inclusive luxury, private island resorts and more at the 7 Best Luxury Resorts on Vanua Levu.

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Budget Holidays on Vanua Levu

For backpackers wanting to really travel around Fiji, Vanua Levu is a must! With a wealth of free or cheap sights and attractions to see around the island, from inland waterfalls to hot springs and Fijian villages, there really is a lot to uncover here. What’s more, the affordable hotels, guest houses and homestays make staying on Vanua Levu on the cheap extremely easy. Start planning with The Guide to Vanua Levu on a Budget.

Things to Do on Vanua Levu on a Budget

  • Snorkel among vibrant coral and fish at Split Rock or Rainbow Reef
  • Visit the Vuadomo Village & Waterfall
  • See a beautiful garden display at the Flora Tropica Garden
  • Seek out the island’s hot springs
  • Enjoy a nature walk in the Waisali Rainforest Reserve.

For more inspiration, check out our 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do on Vanua Levu.

Where to Stay on Vanua Levu on a Budget

A wide range of affordable accommodation is available on Vanua Levu, from budget resorts to humble guesthouses. Discover some of the best in our 10 Best Budget Accommodation on Vanua Levu. You can also find cheap holiday homes on our list of 10 Best Holiday Homes on Vanua Levu.

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Family Holidays on Vanua Levu

On an island with a rich culture and marine biodiversity, Vanua Levu provides a Fiji holiday that’s educational and meaningful for children and adults alike. The best way to get your kids involved is on the two kids’ clubs on the island. Otherwise, there are plenty of ways for families to adventure together, from village visits to snorkelling. Find out more in The Guide to Vanua Levu for Families.

5 Family Activities on Vanua Levu

  • Enjoy an educational visit to a Fijian village
  • Craft your own Fijian souvenirs
  • Watch dolphins and snorkel on a dolphin cruise
  • Take the kids to one of the fun and educational kids’ clubs
  • Get out on the kayaks or paddleboat.

And the list goes on! Check it out in our 10 Things to Do on Vanua Levu with Kids.

Where to Stay on Vanua Levu

Check out the best resorts on Vanua Levu with family rooms, kids’ clubs and activities suitable for children in 10 Best Family Resorts on Vanua Levu.

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Adult-Only Holidays on Vanua Levu

Paradise can easily be found without children here on Vanua Levu. With a range of boutique resorts catering to couples and exclusive adult-only five-star resorts, you’re sure to get your privacy and set the tone right for a romantic or timeout vacation in Fiji. Get more advice in The Adult Only Guide to Vanua Levu.

5 Adult-Only Activities on Vanua Levu

  • Spend the day marooned on a sandbank with a Champagne picnic
  • Make the most of your time together at your resort’s adult-only pool and bar
  • Take part in a yoga or wellness retreat
  • Escape the hustle and bustle on a nature walk
  • Hit the bars and nightclubs of Savusavu and Labasa.

For more ideas and information on each activity, check out the 10 Adult-Only Activities on Vanua Levu.

Where to Stay on Vanua Levu for an Adult-Only Holiday

While there is only one exclusively adults-only resort on Vanua Levu, other resorts have adult-only beach clubs or cater specifically to couples. Check out our suggestions for an adult-only stay on Vanua Levu with 6 Best Adult-Only Resorts on Vanua Levu.

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Foodie Holidays on Vanua Levu

Experience Vanua Levu through its varied cuisine. The island has a strong Fijian and Indo-Fijian presence, offering two cultures with significant customs surrounding food. Experience them through food-related activities such as cooking classes, kava ceremonies, fishing or simply browsing the towns’ markets. Find out more in The Foodie Guide to Vanua Levu.

5 Things to Do on Vanua Levu for Foodies

  • Indulge in a traditional Fijian lovo
  • Mingle with the locals at the Savusavu and Labasa markets
  • Take part in a Fijian or Indo-Fijian cooking class
  • Learn about traditional medicinal plants on a medicine walk
  • Experience mud crabbing after dark.

And if that hasn’t made your mouth water enough, then check out our 10 Things to Do on Vanua Levu for Foodies.

Where to Stay on Vanua Levu for Foodies

Looking for a place to stay with exquisite food, plenty of food-orientated experiences or self-catering to make your own meals? Check out our 10 Best Accommodation on Vanua Levu for Foodies.

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Weddings and Honeymoons on Vanua Levu

On the island with pristine beaches nestled between lush waterfall-filled forests and crystal clear waters, how can you not choose Vanua Levu as a destination for romance? The seclusion of the island’s resorts enhances the tone, making Vanua Levu ideal for a wedding, honeymoon or romantic getaway. Start planning with The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Vanua Levu.

5 Things to Do on Vanua Levu for Couples

  • Fly over a heart-shaped coral reef
  • Walk to a beautiful waterfall
  • Watch the ocean from a heart-shaped hot tub
  • Indulge in a private dining experience
  • Learn how to scuba dive together.

So make your special time away together truly special with these 10 Romantic Activities on Vanua Levu for Couples. Plus, check out the  6 Best Wedding Packages on Vanua Levu.

Where to Stay on Vanua Levu for Couples

Whether you’re seeking a base for a romantic getaway, renewing your vows or starting the rest of your lives together, we list your best options in our 10 Best Wedding & Honeymoon Resorts on Vanua Levu.


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