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10 Things to Do on Taveuni for Foodies

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Food Activities on Taveuni

If you like to immerse in a culture through its food then you have certainly found an amazing place to do that on the “Garden Island” of Fiji. Taveuni and its surrounding islands of Qamea, Laucala and Matangi have an abundance of tropical crops provided by Mother Nature that the locals have been harnessing for hundreds of years. Discover how through the array of food-related activities available on the islands. We’ll give you some ideas with this list of things to do on Taveuni for foodies.

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1. Learn How to Cook Fijian Food in a Cooking Lesson or Demonstration

Fijians are proud to share their food with visitors, so it’s pretty easy to find a cooking class on Taveuni. Watch the chefs work their magic at the Matangi Private Island Resort where you’ll get to sample divine prawn curry in freshly-squeezed coconut milk, roti flatbread and condiments made with local tropical fruit. At Taveuni Palms Resort, you have the opportunity to take part in a complimentary cooking class with your own personal chef during your stay at this five-star resort. Finally, those staying five nights or more at the Coconut Grove Beachfront Cottages will receive a complimentary cooking class with the staff, that just happen to run one of the most popular restaurants on the island – see in our Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants on Taveuni.



2. Discover Natural Medicinal Remedies in a Medicine Walking Tour

Learn about the natural remedies of Fiji’s “Garden Island” with a medicinal walking tour or talk. Na Bogi Ono Farms, otherwise known as Bobby’s Farm, is a fantastic place to experience learn about Fiji’s natural remedies where Bobby will give you a tour of this conservation farm full of birdlife and, of course, medicinal plants and tropical fruit. Either visit the farm yourself, located south of Waiyevo or organise a tour with Aroha Taveuni. Alternatively, Matangi Private Island Resort offers a weekly Medicine Talk as part of their complimentary activities program, including a demonstration on how to collect and prepare bush medicine.



3. Join in on a Kava Ceremony

A staple cultural experience in Fiji, the kava ceremony is a welcoming ceremony involving drinking a local narcotic drink known as yaqona or kava. A village visit tour will naturally involve a kava ceremony, as it is customary when new visitors arrive at a village. If you’re visiting without a guide, be sure to bring your own yaqona root to follow the customs described in Fiji Village Etiquette: What to Do When Visiting a Fijian Village. Otherwise, some resorts, such as Matangi, Qamea and Maqai resorts, do their own kava ceremonies at least once a week where guest can try the drink and learn about the traditions surrounding the ceremony.

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4. Learn All the Uses for Coconuts in a Coconut Show

Coconut milk and fronds have been a useful staple in the South Pacific culture for thousands of years. However, it’s not an easy nut to prepare. Learn how to husk and scrape a coconut in demonstrations such as at Matangi Private Island Resort, Maqai Eco Beach Resort and Paradise Taveuni.

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5. Indulge in a Traditional Lovo Feast

The ultimate foodie experience in Fiji you can’t miss is trying a “lovo”. Lovo is a traditional food preparation method where food is wrapped in banana leaves and slow-cooked in an earth oven. The result is to die for. Once a week during the winter months, Wiwi Village put on a lovo and meke (traditional dance) night for resort guests at Taveuni Palms, Aroha Taveuni, Vacala Bay and others to enjoy and open your mind to a different way of life. An in-resort lovo feast is also organised once a week at the Paradise Taveuni resort.

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6. Do a Superfood Tour of Taveuni Island

Tour the gardens, nectar lab and indulge in a three-course lunch at the Gaiatree Sanctuary on Taveuni’s west coast. The Spice of Life Superfood Tour takes you into the hills of the island’s interior where you’ll be welcomed with refreshments before taking an in-depth garden tour. After you have learned about the tropical edible and medicinal plants, relax at Gaiatree’s Nectar Lounge where you’ll indulge in a three-course vegetarian superfood meal. You’ll also get to choose from a selection of healthy homemade sauces, dressing, smoothings, juices and teas. Find out more about The Spice of Life Superfood Tour on Viator and Tripadvisor.

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7. Sample Real Fijian Food in a Village Homestay

If you want to discover what Fijians really eat and how they eat it, then the best thing to do is a village homestay. Stay with a Fijian family where meals are offered to guests at a very reasonable cost and consist of simple yet delicious fresh seafood, root crops like taro and tropical fruit like breadfruit, usually sat on the floor while eating with your hands – the real deal! Pick your homestay with our 5 Best Homestays on Taveuni.

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8. Catch Your Own Dinner on a Fishing Charter

Fishing is a way of life in Fiji and just happens to be an exciting sport, with many highly-sought game fish in Fiji’s waters, such as mahimahi, yellowfin tuna and giant trevally. Join a sports fishing charter with Raiwasa Private Resort, Nakia Resort and Makaira Resort. Alternatively, practice traditional Fijian fishing methods like handline fishing at Tides Reach Resort or spearfishing at Maqai Eco Beach Resort.

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9. Treat Your Loved One to a Private Dining Experience

To celebrate a special occasion or simply just because you’re on holiday – you don’t need an excuse, private dining is a special foodie experience on Taveuni. Many of the luxury resorts offer the option to have a private table set up on the beach, often with candles and serenaders. Resorts like Matangi Resort, Paradise Taveuni, Coconut Grove and Qamea Resort offer this, for example. An irresistibly romantic option is a private island picnic available with Matangi Resort, where you’ll indulge in a gourmet picnic on Horseshoe Bay. Vacala Bay Resort offers a similar option, along with wine or beer on a sailing cruise to Honeymoon Island.

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10. Visit the Fruit Stalls and Town Markets

If you haven’t had the chance to visit the produce markets on Fiji’s mainland, then don’t pass on the opportunity to visit the local produce markets. Fruit stalls and markets are found on the roadsides and in the towns of Naqara and Matei where you’ll see an impressive array of tropical fruit and vegetables. Stallholders are usually super friendly and eager to share recipes, so you’ll get a cultural experience out of it too. Take your purchases back to your self-catering accommodation, which we list in our 10 Best Accommodation on Taveuni for Foodies.

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