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What Birds and Animals Can You Find in Fiji? We humans are not the only ones who love the tropical islands of Fiji. Fiji, with its huge array of soft coral underwater and more than 800 unique plant sp
Fiji’s Most Majestic Waterfalls When you think of Fiji, you might think of scattered islands with sandy shores and swaying coconut palms. However, there’s a wilder side to the island archi
About the Flora and Fauna of Fiji Fiji is famous for its island escapes and white sandy beaches. However, delve into those crystal clear waters surrounding the islands or into the heart of any foreste
Have a Turtle Encounter in Fiji! It’s no secret that turtles face a number of threats in the ocean today, so seeing them on your tropical holiday is a rare encounter. Hawksbill, green and leathe
The Top Places for Birdwatching in Fiji Fiji’s marine life might take most of the limelight in Fiji, but its land and sea birds are also well worth looking out for. The island archipelago in the
What are the Best Times to See Manta Rays, Whales, Sharks, Turtles and Other Wildlife in Fiji? Sure, the white sands, glistening waters and the tropical breeze might be reasons to jet off to Fiji. The
Everything You Need to Know About the Sawa-i-Lau Caves Tread the still waters patterned with sunlight breaking through the fissures of a cavern’s ceiling. If you’re feeling brave enough, a
Wildlife Boat Tours in Fiji Most of Fiji’s wildlife can be found in the water, so it’s no surprise that wildlife tours and getting on a boat come hand-in-hand. Jump on a boat tour or a cru
Discover the Islands of Fiji on Horseback Cascading waterfalls, commanding views from mountaintops, lush rainforest and sweeping beaches: there are many fabulous landscapes to explore in Fiji. Why not
Wildlife Tours and Experiences in Fiji 333 islands scatter the South Pacific in the archipelago of Fiji. Some of the islands are home to colourful birds and rare iguanas, while the waters in between h
Where are the Best Places to See Wildlife in Fiji? The islands of Fiji are not just a place to connect with your loved ones on an island getaway but to connect with nature. From watching colourful tro
How to Swim with Manta Rays in Fiji Swimming with huge yet elegant manta rays in their natural environment is an enchanting experience. Each year, reef manta rays are seen in abundance gliding through
Where to Swim with Sharks in Fiji If you know anything about Fiji then you’ll know about the diverse marine life living within the country’s crystal clear waters and soft coral reefs. Part of
Where to Experience Nature in Fiji There’s more to Fiji than lazy days on the beach and sipping cocktails. Put on your snorkel mask and don your fins because there’s a whole ocean out ther