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Experience Adventure in Fiji Fiji is not a destination for just staying at your resort. Get out and explore the islands, their waters and even up to 14,000ft in the sky in one of the exciting adventur
Plan Your Adventure in Fiji Tropical islands aren’t particularly known for their “adventure” – it’s more about the resorts and beaches. Well, Fiji is different. Even the most active
Experience the Other Side of Fiji Ok, so Fiji is an island archipelago of 333 islands, so there are A LOT of islands that could have featured on this list of the less-travelled islands in Fiji. Howeve
Which Resorts Can You Parasail in Fiji? Is parasailing in Fiji on your bucket list? Is soaring over vibrant blue waters with a birds-eye view of islands and beaches something you really want to experi
The Ultimate Guide to Skydiving in Fiji Freefall at 200km/h from up to 14,000ft over the breathtaking islands of Fiji. That’s right, Fiji is home to two skydiving companies that offer incredible
4WD, ATV and Quad Bike Tours in Fiji Resorts and the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean tend to take all of the limelight in Fiji, but if you have an adventurous streak about you, then you need to break
“Must-Zip” Fiji Zipline Tours! Flying over dense tropical rainforest, limestone caves, beautiful waterfalls… Why would you not want to zipline on the islands of Fiji?! Getting strapped to a zipl
Adventure Awaits in Fiji! You might think of Fiji as a place to spend lazy days on the beach. And, sure, there’s a lot of that. But for those who want some action on their holiday, you are in fo