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9 Best Walks in Taveuni

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Walks and Hikes in Taveuni

The “Garden Island” is arguably the best Fiji island for walkers and hikers! Home to the Bouma National Heritage Park, Taveuni holds a vast network of trails with options for self-guided walks and walks with local guides. Check out some of our top recommended hikes in this list of the best walks in Taveuni and its surrounding islands.

Note that you can walk many of these hikes yourself, otherwise, selected resorts in Taveuni also offer guided versions of these walks. Captain Cook Cruises also stops at the walks in the Bouma National Park on their Colonial and Lau cruises (more info on Viator, Tripadvisor and The Guide to Cruises Around Fiji). Be sure to have good walking shoes and insect repellent for these jungle hikes in Taveuni!

For more ways to experience Taveuni, see our The Complete Guide to Taveuni and The Best Day Trips on Taveuni.

1. Bouma Falls (Tavoro Falls)

One of the top short walks on Taveuni, the Tavoro Falls walk, commonly known as the Bouma Falls walk, is a 10 to 1h10mins one-way walk depending on how far you decide to go. The walk starts from the Tavoro Visitor Centre in Korovou village (also known as Bouma Village) and costs approximately FJ$20 to walk the trail. While the first 10 minutes to the first waterfall is easy-going, the next 40 minutes to 1h10mins to the second and third waterfalls are a little more demanding.

Location: Bouma Village, Bouma National Heritage Park on the east coast road (on the bus route – just ask the driver).

9 Best Walks on Taveuni© Captain Cook Cruises

2. Lavena Coastal Walk

For a longer hike in the Bouma National Park, don’t miss the Lavena Coastal Walk! This 3-hour return walk features a varied coastline of black sand beaches and rocky cliffs, as well as the village of Naba (don’t wander through the village uninvited, stick to the trail) and a suspension bridge. At the end of the walk is the picture-perfect Wainibau Falls, which can only be seen if you swim through a passage keeping left where there is a ridge just underwater to hold onto. A guided hike of the Lavena Coastal Walk is also available with Exotic Holidays Fiji (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor).

Location: Lavena Village, Bouma National Park at the end of the east coast road.

9 Best Walks on Taveuni© Captain Cook Cruises

3. Vidawa Rainforest Hike

Another amazing hike in the Bouma National Heritage Park, the Vidawa Rainforest Hike is a 6-7-hour return walk that must be done with a guide. Guides are available to hire from the Vidawa Village, who will take you to historic fortified village sites, breathtaking lookouts and show you Fijian medicinal plants and native birds.

Location: The Vidawa Village is about 1km after the turn-off to Waitabu Marine Park along the coastal road into the Bouma National Park.

9 Best Walks on Taveuni© Pxhere.com

4. Des Voeux Peak

Des Voeux Peak is Taveuni’s highest peak at 1,195m (3,920ft). It also offers tremendous views from the top of Taveuni all the way to Vanua Levu and even as far as the islands of Koro and Gau on a clear day. From Wairiki, the walk up the access road is easy to follow, not too difficult but takes approximately 2 hours to reach the summit. The walk is also popular for birdwatching, especially during the nesting season in August and September.

Location: Take the access road turn-off in Wairiki, between the Catholic Mission and Wairiki Wharf.

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5. Lake Tagimoucia

In the centre of the island is a volcanic crater filled with water forming Lake Tagimoucia. After doing the Des Voeux Trail (see above) there is a rough trail taking a further 1-2 hours to reach Lake Tagimoucia. The area around the lake is home to a rare flower, the Tagimoucia, which blooms from October to February. A guide is recommended for this hike, which can be arranged through most resorts.

Location: From Des Voeux Peak, see above.

9 Best Walks on Taveuni© Pxhere.com

6. Waitavala Waterslide

If starting from Vunitou near Waiyevo town, a walk to the Waitavala Waterslide takes approximately 20-30 minutes one way. After a walk along the dirt road, you’ll dip into the forest to find the Waitavala Waterslide. This 200m (656ft) long natural waterslide chutes you over a set of rapids into a narrow stream at the bottom. Check how the locals do it and avoid after heavy rain. See more free attractions like this in the 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do on Taveuni.

Location: Just south of Vuniotu, near Waiyevo town. From the Garden Island Resort, walk five minutes north to a dirt road beside a bus shelter. Walk up the dirt road for about 20 minutes and turn left just past the sign for the prison. Look out for a worn trail on your right, which leads up to the waterfall.

9 Best Walks on Taveuni© FijiPocketGuide.com

7. Qamea Island Jungle Hike

On the outer island of Qamea, there are a number of rough walking trails through a maze of dense tropical forest. While locals have been using the network of trails for centuries, it’s best to have a guide to explore the island on foot. Resorts like Qamea Resort & Spa offer guided walks of the island where your guide will explain the history of the island, as well as pointing out interesting vegetation and birds along the way.

Location: Qamea Resort & Spa, Qamea Island

9 Best Walks on Taveuni© Qamea Resort & Spa Fiji

8. Waruka Bay Walk

Those staying near the now-closed Waruka Bay Resort on Qamea Island will have easy access to a couple of self-guided walks. Follow the trails at the back of the resort property, which transport you through rainforest, over a bridge crossing a lake, and through organic vegetable gardens. There’s also a lookout trail that offers amazing views of Qamea Island all the way to Taveuni island. Plus, look out for native birds, like the Fijian orange dove, Pacific parrots, blue kingfishers and much more! Learn more about the birds in A Traveller’s Guide to Wildlife in Fiji.

Location: Waruka Bay Resort on Qamea Island

9 Best Walks on Taveuni© Waruka Bay Resort

9. Coastal Road and Ridge-Top Trek

Finally, another outer island walk to enjoy is from the Matangi Private Island Resort. Follow a natural path from the resort to a ridge top for amazing views of Matangi Island’s Horseshoe Bay, a bay that is only accessible by boat. The walk takes approximately one hour. Alternatively, the Coastal Road is a short walk taking in glorious views of the ocean – best done at sunrise for stellar sunlight displays.

Location: Matangi Private Island Resort, Matangi Island

9 Best Walks on Taveuni© Matangi Private Island Resort


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