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About The Fijian Dollar The unit of currency in Fiji is the Fijian Dollar, often seen written as “FJD” or “FJ$”. This guide to the Fiji currency will go through how money is commonly used in F
Fiji Taxes: The Taxes and Fees Travellers Need to Know About No one wants to hear about the extra fees they have to pay. In Fiji, receipts can often get quite full of acronyms and percentages, particu
Budget Tips for Fiji Fiji might seem like an extremely expensive place to travel to, but that’s only at first glance. Be savvy in your accommodation, ways of getting around, meals and a few simp
Using Credit Cards in Fiji Secure and easy to use, credit cards are a popular payment method when travelling. The peace of mind of having that extra bit of overdraft, should you need it in an emergenc
The Best Payment Methods in Fiji So you’re going through the “essentials” planning stage for your trip to Fiji? Don’t worry, it’s going to be pretty simple when it comes to figur
Food Prices in Fiji Everyone’s got to eat, right? In Fiji, believe it or not, it’s the same. When planning your budget for Fiji, thinking about the price of food is crucial. Food prices va
Buying Food and Drink in Fiji While trying the local cuisine is all part of the travel experience in Fiji, budget-conscious travellers are savvy enough to make their own meals rather than eating at th