Experience the Real Fiji with a Fiji Village Stay If you’ve come to see Fiji for more than just the sand, sun and sipping cocktails, then you might want to consider getting off the beaten track
Family Homestays in the Yasawas A homestay in Fiji is one of the best ways to truly experience the Fijian culture. However, finding a homestay with enough room for the whole family is always a mission
Cheap and Cultural Yasawa Homestays Whoever said you can’t travel Fiji on a budget?! One of Fiji’s most exciting and adventurous destinations has an abundance of homestays where locals ope
Budget Suva Homestays Fiji and the South Pacific Islands are alive with a vibrant culture that is well worth discovering when visiting. A great way to engage with the locals is through a homestay. In
B&Bs and Homestays on the Fiji Pacific Harbour Want to get that local’s experience or save some money on accommodation while on the Pacific Harbour? Consider staying in one of the homestays
Stay with Locals on the Suncoast You don’t have to pay resorts or tour companies to take you on a village visit. Experience it in the most authentic way possible with a homestay on the Suncoast.
Stay with Locals in Taveuni Offering unbeatable value and a real insight into Fijian village life, homestays on Taveuni should be experienced at least once during your stay on Fiji’s “Garden I
Stay with the Locals in Fiji! There are two contrasting travel experiences in Fiji: staying in a lavish resort or staying with the locals. If you are intrigued by the latter then you’re in for s
Advice on Choosing a Homestay in Fiji Staying with the locals in a quaint Fijian village is an enriching experience, not to mention super affordable, but it’s not for everyone. It means forgoing