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Fish Species in Fiji Fiji is an angler’s paradise! Thanks to its fertile underwater ecosystem, Fiji offers a wealth of fish species from the small reef fish that’s a fun catch for the whol
Fishing Charters in Fiji Fiji is home to some of the most exciting waters in the world to fish in. Their waters are teeming with predatory fish, from Yellowfin Tuna to Mahimahi. Whether you’re a
Fishing Charters from Denarau As the main tourist hub of Fiji, getting a fishing charter from Denarau just makes sense. If you’re staying in Nadi, Denarau or even as far as the Coral Coast, gett
Fishing in Fiji: When to Go, Where to Go & What to Catch Fiji is a big game angler’s paradise. The underwater ecosystem boasts a huge variety with more than 1,200 species of reef fish and a
Tips, Tricks & Facts About Fishing in Fiji With 333 islands and 6,400km2 of coral reefs, Fiji certainly has something for anglers. Whether you want to test your skills at reeling in a speedy Wahoo