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Ways to Save Money in the Mamanuca Islands At first glance, the Mamanuca Islands are not an ideal pick for a budget holiday in Fiji. But thanks to its small selection of budget resorts and a few handy
Budget Activities on the Suncoast, Fiji If you want to experience culture and nature in Fiji, then set your sights on the Suncoast. The main island of Fiji, Viti Levu’s, sunny side is located on
How to Visit Suva on a Budget The capital city of a country always seems to be a good place to start when travelling, but if you’re looking for the white sand beaches of Fiji and swaying coconut
Budget Tips for Travelling Taveuni With such an array of land and water attractions on one compact island, Taveuni is a backpacker’s paradise. The island begs to be explored on the cheap, with a
Free Activities on Taveuni (Or, at Least, They’re Pretty Darn Cheap) It’s true, you don’t have to fork out for expensive scuba diving trips, fishing charters and cruises every day! In fa
How to Travel the Lomaiviti Islands on a Budget The thing about the Lomaiviti Islands is that it’s almost impossible NOT to travel on a budget! With most accommodations being backpacker or very
How to Travel Kadavu on a Budget This remote island spanning some 57km/35miles from east to west and about 100km/62miles from Viti Levu is certainly an off-the-beaten-track destination in Fiji. While
How to Visit Vanua Levu on a Budget Let’s be honest, budget travellers are the most adventurous travellers and Vanua Levu is certainly an adventurous Fiji destination to hit! Fiji’s second
Free or Cheap Activities in Vanua Levu We get it, not every day can involve an expensive scuba dive, game fishing charter or helicopter flight… Luckily, Vanua Levu is extremely budget-friendly, from
How to Visit the Yasawa Islands on a Budget The Yasawa Islands are the capital of budget holidays in Fiji. Enjoy five-star locations of beautiful islands of sandy beaches and sparkling waters at a fra
How to Visit the Suncoast on a Budget For backpackers looking for a more authentic experience of Fiji, head north to the Suncoast. Located on the island of Viti Levu, the Suncoast is extremely easy to
Free Things To Do in the Yasawas If you’re planning a budget vacation to Fiji, then don’t miss the Yasawa Islands. The stunning tropical islands might take a 2-5 hours boat ride to get the
How to Travel Taveuni on a Budget For backpackers looking to get off the tourist trail and discover some of the best eco experiences Fiji has to offer, Taveuni is an extremely affordable island to tra