free & cheap things to do on the pacific harbour© Pxhere
free & cheap things to do on the pacific harbour

10 Free & Cheap Things to Do on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa

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Cheap and Free Activities on the Pacific Harbour

You’ve probably read about a million times that the Pacific Harbour is the “adventure capital of Fiji”. That’s great, but with adventure comes pricey activities that, let’s be honest, not all of us can afford to do every day. If you’re looking for some free activities to fill up the rest of your stay on the Pacific Harbour or Beqa Island then you’ve come to the right place. Just check out the list of free and cheap things to do on the Pacific Harbour and Beqa below!

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1. Get Out on the Water in a Kayak

It’s the budget traveller’s go-to when in Fiji. Explore the coast, experience the tranquillity of kayaking and watch the fish through the crystal clear water below. Kayaks are free to use with budget resorts like the Uprising Beach Resort and Lawaki Beach House, as well as other resorts on the Pacific Harbour. Just ask your resort where are the best places to kayak to.


2. Watch a Game of Rugby

Did you know that the Pacific Harbour is the centre of Fiji’s most-loved sport: rugby? The Pacific Harbour is the national training ground for the national rugby sevens team, with regular games found on the rugby field by the Uprising Beach Resort. If you don’t catch a game on the field, then you’re bound to find a few locals playing rugby on the beach.

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3. Go to a Local Church Service

A free cultural experience is attending a Sunday church service. Whether you’re religious or not, the harmonious singing is an uplifting experience and reason alone to attend a church service. Resorts can often organise transport to the nearest churches on a Sunday. Otherwise, there are two good options for church services on the Pacific Harbour: one at 7:30am and 10am in the Makosoi Village (know your village protocol before you visit) and one at 10am in Lomary which is more accessible for visitors.

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4. Visit the Arts Village

This is a must-do on the Pacific Harbour! After crossing a bridge over a lily pad pond, you’ll enter a shopping centre of more than 50 shops and 14 eateries all decorated with Fijian and colonial architecture. The Arts Village is also home to the budget accommodation, Tsulu Backpackers, as well as a cultural attraction with a mock-up village and a show with Fijian meke dancing, fire-walking and more. The cultural attraction has an admission fee of around FJ$60 per adult and FJ$30 per child, so it certainly won’t break the bank if you get tempted.

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5. Go Snorkelling

How can you come to Fiji and not go snorkelling? The Pacific Harbour is just off the famous Beqa Lagoon, a protected area for marine life. It’s a lively area to snorkel with tropical fish, vibrant coral gardens and even sometimes some welcome surprises like turtles! While the use of snorkelling gear for snorkelling off the beach is free at budget accommodations like the Lawaki Beach House (they have a marine-protected area about 25m from the beach on Beqa Island), as well as some waterfront resorts on the Pacific Harbour, it’s worth paying a little extra for a boat trip to the Beqa Lagoon. Sea Fiji Reefs run snorkelling tours to some great spots with all the equipment and transport included, as well as a few light and yummy refreshments. Find out more about the tour on Viator and Tripadvisor.


6. Play Beach Volleyball

Beach sports are a staple of any beachfront resort in Fiji and that’s especially the case on the Pacific Harbour and Beqa Island! Enjoy a game with your travel companions at the end of the day. Budget resorts like the Uprising Beach Resort and Lawaki Beach House both have volleyball nets and balls. Use of beach sports equipment is usually free of charge.

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7. Lounge by the Pool

You imagined yourself getting some pool time in while in Fiji, right?! There are plenty of accommodations on the Pacific Harbour with swimming pools, such as the Uprising Beach Resort, The Pearl Resort, Tsulu Backpackers, Nanuku Auberge Resort, Beqa Lagoon Resort and much more! So when in doubt, grab your swimwear, put your towel on a sun lounger, and enjoy.

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8. Explore the Pacific Harbour Town and Navua

The Pacific Harbour is unlike any other town in Fiji with its manicured lawns and cul-de-sacs, while the nearby Navua is more of a classically Fijian town surrounding the Navua River. Either way, both areas are worth wandering around to visit the souvenir shops, eateries and mingle with the locals at the produce markets. A walk along the river is always enjoyable too. For day trip inspiration, check out The Best Day Trips from the Pacific Harbour.

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9. Scout out the Cheap Eats

It’s one of our favourite past times in Fiji: scouting out the cheap eats! Fiji’s towns, like the Pacific Harbour, are notorious for having some fabulous street-style food for ridiculously cheap prices. Curry houses, burger bars and cafes are a great place to sit down for a bite to eat and experience a more authentic dining experience than what you’ll find at your resort buffet. Check out our recommendations in the Top Cheap Eats on the Pacific Harbour.

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10. Do a Homestay for a Local’s Experience

When it comes to experiencing the Fijian culture on the Pacific Harbour, you’ll actually be hard-pressed to find something that’s cheap (except for at the Disney-land style Arts Village – but that’s not for everyone). One way around it is to combine your accommodation in the Pacific Harbour with a cultural homestay. Either stay at the Navua Upriver Lodge, where you can find more information in our budget accommodation guide to the Pacific Harbour, or in one of the 5 Best Homestays on the Pacific Harbour.


More Free and Cheap Things to Do on the Pacific Harbour and Beqa

That’s it for the free and cheap things to do on the Pacific Harbour and Beqa. Don’t forget to bookmark The Complete Travel Guide to Fiji on a Budget. Trust us, there’s a lot of useful tips in there!


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