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How Long Can You Stay in Fiji on a Visitor Visa?

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How Long Can You Stay in Fiji as a Visitor?

We get it: just spending one week in Fiji is not enough. Whether you want to come to Fiji to spend time with family and friends or want to do an extended trip to Fiji experiencing all the culture, sublime landscapes and activities these islands offer, you are in luck with the lengthy stay for visitors in Fiji. In short, people on a Visitor Visa in Fiji, commonly known as the Visitor Permit, can stay for up to four months. However, there is the option to extend your length of stay in Fiji as a visitor. This article will go through the details of visiting Fiji on a Visitor Visa and how long can you stay in Fiji on a Visitor Visa.

In Short, You Can Stay in Fiji for…

  • Up to four months from the date you arrive in Fiji,
  • Or, up to six months if you have an Extension of the Visitors Permit.

Citizens from a visa-waiver country (see more below) can stay for up to four months in a 12-month period, which is known as a Multi-Entry Visa (MEV). Citizens from other countries must choose on their Visitor Permit application form whether they want to stay for up to four months all at one time known as a Single-Entry Visa (SEV) or get the Multi-Entry Visa.

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Who is Considered a “Visitor” to Fiji?

According to the Fiji Department of Immigration, a visitor to Fiji is a non-citizen who wants to visit Fiji:

  • “as a tourist,
  • for sporting or recreational activities,
  • for the purpose of visiting a relative or friend who is a citizen of Fiji,
  • to attend a conference or meeting,
  • or for transiting in Fiji.”

Basically, you are a visitor if you are just holidaying or visiting friends/family, transiting through the country or partaking in a recreational activity or conference. You are not considered a visitor if you are in Fiji for work, to live permanently, to study, etc.

Requirements of the Visitor Permit

For Visitor Permit, which allows holders to stay in Fiji for up to four months from the date they arrive in Fiji, the visitor must have the following:

  • A return travel ticket to their country of residence/citizenship/domicile
  • A visa to any country they are transiting in
  • A passport that is valid for no less than six months after their intended departure date
  • Sufficient funds to sustain their duration of stay

This information will be checked upon arrival in Fiji (see the arrival process in Everything You Need to Know About Arriving in Fiji). If you meet all the requirements, you will be granted a Visitor Permit upon arrival if you are from a visa-waiver country, which we list in our Visitor Visa guide. If you are not from a visa-waiver country, you need to apply for a Pre-Arranged Visitor Permit before arriving in Fiji.

When applying for a Pre-Arranged Permit, you have two choices:

  • Single Entry Visa (SEV) – the visa is valid for three months and can be used for a single entry to Fiji. The application fee is FJ$91.
  • Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) – the visa is valid for 12 months and allows the holder to enter Fiji multiple times as long as the duration of stay in total is no more than four months. The application fee is FJ$180.

Find out how to apply for a Pre-Arranged Visitor Permit in Do You Need a Visa to Visit Fiji?

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Extending Your Visitor Permit

If you wish to stay longer than four months in Fiji, you will need to apply for a Visa Permit Extension. Application forms are available to download from the Fiji Immigration website or picked up in an immigration office. Immigration offices are located in Suva, Nadi, Lautoka, Savusavu, Levuka, Labasa and Rotuma or through the nearest Fiji High Commission and Embassy offices stationed abroad.

A Visitor Permit Extension allows the holder to stay in Fiji for an additional two months, making it six months in total from the date they arrived in Fiji.

What Do You Need in Order to Apply for a Visitor Permit Extension?

First, you will need the “The Application for the Extension of Visitor’s Permit”. The application then asks to provide the following:

  • Arrival Card number
  • Valid passport
  • Return travel ticket
  • Proof of funds
  • The date you entered Fiji
  • The date your present Visitor Permit expires
  • The date you plan to leave Fiji (the date you plan for the extension until)
  • Reasons for the extension
  • Some personal details such as your date of birth, nationality, profession, etc.
  • To pay the fee of FJ$91.
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Other Visas to Stay in Fiji for Longer

Visitors already in Fiji cannot apply for another visa apart from the Visa Permit Extension. To stay longer in Fiji, you will need to hold another type of Visa or Permit, which must be applied for from overseas.

Visas and Permits are split into the following categories:

  • Visit Fiji
  • Study in Fiji
  • Work in Fiji
  • Live in Fiji

For more information, see What Visas Are Available to Travel to Fiji?


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