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Information, Shops & Services in Suva

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What Services are Available in Suva?

Suva is the capital of Fiji and Fiji’s most populated town. With that, it is the place with the most shops and services in Fiji. It’s a good place to stock up on supplies before heading to the outer islands or travelling around Viti Levu. You also might want to make it your base in Fiji if you want to have the convenience of essential shops and services. To give you an idea of what is available, we’ve put together a quick guide on the information, shops and services in Suva.

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Useful Services for Tourists

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Food and Groceries

Suva has a wide range of supermarkets, convenience stores or mini-marts, as well as a couple of markets and some roadside fruit and vegetable stalls.

Supermarkets in Suva

Supermarkets can be found across Suva, from the city centre to the suburbs. While not a complete list, some popular supermarkets in Suva include:

  • Rajendra Foodtown, Rodwell Road
  • MH Supermarket, Rodwell Road
  • Fukumi Chinese Shop, Usher Street
  • New World, Vishnu Deo Street
  • Extra Supermarket Fiji, Flagstaff Plaza
  • MH Supermarket, Homles Street
  • New World, Damodar City
  • Nayan’s Supermarket, Damodar City
  • New World, 21 Shalimar Street
  • Shop N Save, Nabua Road
  • New World, Daniva Road
  • Rajendra Foodtown, Daniva Road
  • Nayan’s Supermarket, Pilling Road, Nakasi
  • Shop N Save, Kings Road, Nakasi.

Markets and Roadside Stalls

For fresh fruit and vegetables, the Suva Municipal Market is a popular option, located on Harris Road. The market is open around 7am to 6pm each day except Sundays. There’s also the Suva Fish Market nearby on the waterfront, which has the same opening hours.

Roadside stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables can be found lining roads on the outskirts of Suva.

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Medication, Toiletries and Pharmaceuticals

While light medications (like painkillers), baby products and toiletries are often sold in supermarkets around Suva, other medications and speciality health products must be purchased from pharmacies.

Pharmacies in Suva

Suva’s pharmacies are located across the city centre, as well as some suburbs, which include:

  • Island Pharmacy, Cumming Street
  • Central Pharmacy, Mid City, Cumming Street
  • TappooCity Chemist, Level 4 TappooCity
  • Flagstaff Family Pharmacy, Rewa Street, Flagstaff
  • Laucala Bay Pharmacy, Sports City Complex, Grantham Road
  • Superdrug Laucala Pharmacy, Grantham Road
  • Healthmart Chemist, Shop 15, President Plaza, Samabula
  • Life Pharmacy Nabua, Nabua Road
  • Prime Pharmacy, Ratu Dovi Road, Nasinu.

Clinics and Hospital

For health care and obtaining prescriptions, there are clinics and a hospital in Suva, such as:

  • Fiji Medical Association, Waimanu Road
  • Mercy Clinic, Augustus Street
  • Bayly Clinic Suva, Rodwell Road
  • Pacific Specialist Healthcare, 107 Foster Road
  • Samabula Medical, Sese Street
  • Nasese Medical Center, 62 Ratu Sukuna Road
  • Rubina Medical Centre, Lot 67, Qarase Road, Nadera.

The hospital in Suva is the Colonial War Memorial Hospital located on Waimanu Road just outside of the city centre. It is the main hospital in Fiji and is open 24 hours.

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Fuel Stations, Banks and Communication

All of your other services, from fuel stations to phone stores, can be found in Suva.

Fuel Stations in Suva

There are multiple options for fuel stations across Suva, including in the city centre, near the University of the South Pacific, along Ratu Mara Road and Laucala Bay Road.

Phone, Internet and Post Office

For staying in touch, Digicel Fiji and Vodafone Fiji are the phone network providers. Digicel and Vodafone have stores in the city centre, Digicel at 255 Victoria Parade and Vodafone on Renwick Road. You can also find both network’s stores in the MHCC shopping mall on Renwick Road.

Suva also has several post offices, one on Southern Cross Road by Albert Park and one at 10 Edward Street in the city centre. In Suva’s suburbs, there’s the Samabula Post Office on Edinburgh Drive, the Nabua Post Office at 416 Fletcher Road, and the Nasinu Post Office on Saqa Road.

Finally, for an internet connection, WiFi hotspots can be found at most Suva accommodations. Internet cafes include Kiadnet on Ellery Street and Cyberzone at 107 Cumming Street, both in the city centre. You can also use computers and access the internet at the Suva City Library on Victoria Parade.

Banks in Suva

ATMs are widespread in the city centre, as well as in some suburbs like Nasinu, Valelevu, Samabula and Nabua. Bank branches can also be found throughout Suva, including:

  • Fiji Development Bank, 360 Victoria Parade
  • ANZ Bank, Victoria Parade
  • Westpac Suva, Scott Street
  • Bank of the South Pacific (BPS), Rewa Street, Samabula
  • Westpac Nabua, Ratu Mara Road.

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