10 Romantic Activities in Kadavu for Couples

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Things to Do in Kadavu for Couples

When you heard that Fiji was one of the world’s most romantic destinations, they were not missing Kadavu out. In fact, the adventure of getting to this remote island, the untouched land and seascapes, and heartwarming island culture make Kadavu all the more romantic. On top of that, Kadavu offers an amazing range of adventures and romantic experiences for couples. Check them out in this list of romantic activities in Kadavu for couples.

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1. Run Away Together to Your Own Secluded Beach Getaway

If the honeymoon bure of your chosen island resort wasn’t secluded enough, you can take things a step further with a private beach getaway. Papageno Resort offers couples the chance to embark on a romantic getaway to an untouched beach only accessible by boat. You’ll have the opportunity to make a day of it by taking along a hammock, snorkelling gear, a picnic lunch, fishing supplies and a cooler full of refreshing beverages. If you want to mix a little adventure with your private beach experience, Oneta Resort on Ono Island offers kayaking trips to a secluded beach where you’ll spend the afternoon and be picked up as the sun goes down. See more beach excursions like this in The Best Day Trips on Kadavu.

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2. Paddle Out Together in a Kayak or Paddleboard

Speaking of kayaking, this peaceful watersport is a romantic way to explore the glistening waters surrounding Kadavu – just for the two of you. All of the resorts we list in the 5 Best Wedding & Honeymoon Accommodation in Kadavu offer complimentary use of kayaks where you’ll be able to discover palm-fringed beaches, glide over bommies (coral heads), and feel the soothing balmy ocean breeze. Paddleboards are also available at Papageno Resort and Kokomo Island, although this is best done in the mornings as the waters around Kadavu can get a bit choppy in the afternoons.

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3. Enjoy a Peaceful Hike to a Waterfall

A waterfall among tropical rainforest makes a good backdrop for a romantic walk… Or perhaps to pop the question? And on Kadavu, you have many options for waterfalls, from towering volcanic cliffs with cascades daring the local kids to jump into the pool below (i.e. Kadavu village) to guided boat tours with Oneta Resort, Kokomo Island and Mai Dive Resort to their favourite falls. But if you’re looking for a more intimate experience, we recommend the short waterfall walk from Papageno Resort. The trail is well marked for you to walk unguided to the tranquil Malawai Waterfall gently running into a refreshing swimming hole. See more activities like this in 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Kadavu.

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4. Get Out on the Water on a Romantic Sunset Cruise

Set the tone right for romance during the day’s most beautiful hour. Sunset cruises are a speciality at the private island resort, Kokomo Island, where their skippers will take you and your loved one out for a scenic cruise including canapes and beverages. Sunset cruises are also available from Matana Beach Resort.

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5. Indulge in a Couples Massage or Wellness Class

Share the benefits of a relaxing massage on the luxury Kokomo Island. Their Yaukuve Spa Sanctuary is nestled among lush tropical forest and offers treatments for couples, including a Couples Massage for 60 or 90 minutes. There’s also the option to work on your wellness together through a private yoga, pilates or meditation class.

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6. Have a Romantic Private Dinner at Your Resort

While many of the resorts on Kadavu offer meals in a family-style setting with a feast of Fijian flavours, there’s also the opportunity to have a more intimate experience with a private dinner. At Matava Resort, dine on your bure’s private deck overlooking the ocean. At Kokomo Island, choose one of the unique dining destinations, such as the island’s helipad for the spectacular panoramic views. Or how about a private table set-up on the beach at sunset with Matana Beach Resort?

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7. Connect with Nature and Each Other on a Nature Walk

Vast parts of Kadavu are untouched, with lush forests filled with incredible birdlife. In fact, there are four species of bird commonly seen here which you can’t see anywhere else. With a myriad of walking trails across the island, there’s no excuse not to walk hand-in-hand through the tropical jungles of Kadavu. Almost all of the resorts have a nearby walking trail, and you can walk much of Ono Island in one day! Ask Matana Beach Resort about the “Kadavu Challenge” walking from waterfall to waterfall, spend the day on the uninhabited Vatulutu Island with a whole network of trails accessible from Oneta Resort, or simply enjoy a long beach stroll.

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8. Learn to Scuba Dive at the Great Astrolabe Reef

Nothing strengthens a relationship quite like learning a new skill together. Make that skill scuba diving! That way, you can both make the most of the outstanding underwater world surrounding Kadavu. The Great Astrolabe Reef spans some 65km/40miles and contains a wealth of exciting wildlife, from reef sharks to manta rays. While beginner dives are available at all resorts, PADI Open Water dive courses are available with Kokomo Island, Papageno Resort, Matava Resort and more. These last approximately three to four days where you’ll obtain a dive certification so you’ll be eligible to explore more of the dive sites that Kadavu and the world have to offer.

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9. Get Competitive with a Game of Tennis or Beach Volleyball

While by no means the main reason to visit Kadavu, the sports equipment at resorts are always a welcome addition to a romantic getaway, especially for active couples. Hit the beach at Papageno Resort as the sun goes down for a game of beach volleyball. Play tennis at the courts on Kokomo Private Island. Enjoy a light game of table tennis at your resort… And the list goes on!

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10. Perfect the Art of Doing Nothing at All…

Sure, there’s a lot of things to do on Kadavu and it’s easy to get caught up in all of the excitement. Remember to take some time to relax too! In Fiji, there’s a famous phrase, “Fiji time“, which essentially means things will get done when they get done. In the meantime, just relax… So, find a secluded hammock together on the beach, watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand and embrace Fiji time!

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More Romantic Activities in Kadavu

That’s it for the best things to do on Kadavu for couples. Get even more tips in The Complete Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Fiji. Plus, find a breathtaking place to stay in the 55 Best Wedding & Honeymoon Resorts in Fiji.


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