The Must-Dos on the Coral Coast Ah, this is what island holidays are all about: sipping on cocktails, feet in the sand and lazying by the pool. Well, on the Coral Coast of Fiji, there’s more to
Budget Activities on the Coral Coast It’s true, not all days during your Coral Coast holiday can be taken up with pricey scuba diving trips, spa treatments and fishing charters. That’s why
Weddings, Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways on the Coral Coast If you’re reading about the Coral Coast, then you probably already know that Fiji is an utterly romantic honeymoon and wedding desti
Plan Your Wedding on the Coral Coast of Fiji If you’re planning a destination wedding on the islands of Fiji, no doubt you are seeking that “island” ambience of relaxation and tranquillity.
Family Guide to the Fiji Coral Coast Long white-sand beaches, turquoise blue waters, rugged inland landscape and a tremendous choice of quality family-friendly resorts… The Coral Coast is an ideal h
Where to Get Married on the Coral Coast Your special day in paradise deserves a special venue, so make sure you find this list of wedding venues on the Coral Coast of Fiji. The Coral Coast is one of F
Family-Friendly Activities on the Coral Coast The Coral Coast of Fiji is one of the family destinations where one holiday is never enough! Adventure parks, jet boat rides, cruises, glass-bottom boats,
Romantic Things to Do on the Coral Coast No wonder you have chosen the Coral Coast for your romantic getaway! The breathtaking beach landscapes and fabulous resorts make for a romantic backdrop to a F
How to Visit the Coral Coast on a Budget Let’s be honest, not everyone has the budget to go scuba diving every day or hang out at the day spa. So what else can you do when holidaying or travelli
The Coral Coast for Foodies Food is an integral part of our holidays – treating our tastebuds and educating our palettes! On the Coral Coast of Fiji, food and culture combine to create a wealth of c
Food Activities on the Coral Coast If you love to travel through the flavours of a country, then this is the list of you! The Coral Coast of Fiji is a top tourist destination with stunning sandy white
How to Save Money on the Coral Coast A holiday in Fiji has a bit of a reputation for being something left to the wealthy. However, did you know that the Coral Coast can even be an excellent backpacker
Travel Guide to the Coral Coast, Fiji A stretch of coastline scattered with palm-fringed beaches leading into crystal clear waters decorated in reefs… Sounds like a magical place for an island getaw
Adult-Only Holidays on the Coral Coast We get it, not everyone’s idea of “Fiji time” is being disturbed by other holidaymaker’s kids. Luckily, there are some idyllic holiday retreats o
Transport to the Coral Coast in Fiji Don’t waste time waiting for your Coral Coast holiday to begin. Check out these different ways to get to the Coral Coast! The Coral Coast is located on the s