Kadavu Activities You Can’t Miss!

Not many travellers venture to the islands of Kadavu, but those who do are glad they did! Kadavu provides an escape from all modern life with the island be awash with Fijian villages, native tropical forest and surrounded by vibrant coral reefs. Most famously, Kadavu is known for the Great Astrolabe Reef, the world’s fourth longest barrier reef. The reef offers sensational diving, surfing outrigger kayaking and much more amazing water activities. Most of the activities are on Kadavu are organised and done through the island’s resorts, so always inquire with your resort to see if the activity is available. Until then, start dreaming and planning your adventure with this list of things to do in Kadavu!

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1. Go Fishing for Big Game

The warm tropical waters of Fiji are home to big game fish such as Dogtooth Tuna, Whoo, Pacific Blue Marlin, Giant Trevally, Pacific Sail Fish, Black Marlin, Barracuda and much more – just check What Types of Fish Can You Fish For in Fiji to see what sort of whoppers you could snatch! On Kadavu, you can fish almost any time within the reef barrier. Outside of the reef is best fished on good weather days.

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2. Go Scuba Diving

As we’ve already established, there’s a hell of a lot of fish around Kadavu. That also means that it’s one of the best places in Fiji for scuba diving. There are 10 dives sites only a mere five to 15 minutes from the shores of the island where you can immerse yourself in a world of coral fish, nudibranch, sea snakes, rays, sharks and sometimes turtles and manta rays. While the Yasawa Islands gets all the glory for manta-ray diving, Kadavu almost always has manta rays! For seeing the mantas, all you need is good weather for this full-day excursion! Finally, the Motu Marine Reserve, a superb protected area, can only be accessed with Dive Kadavu, so that’s well worth adding to the itinerary!

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3. Go on a Reef Paddling Adventure

For a truly amazing and rare activity in Fiji, try some reef paddling on Kadavu. Choose from day tours, 5,7 and 9-day tours where you will paddle in outriggers designed to be more stable in the waves. During these guided tours, you’ll paddle at your own pace, stopping coral reefs for snorkelling and checking out the giant manta rays. You’ll paddle to different parts of Kadavu, hopping off on land to discover waterfalls, bush walks and even cultural visits to remote villages. It’s simply another world. Alternatively, any resort will have kayaks to borrow where you can enjoy exploring the coast at your own rhythm.

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4. Do Some Snorkelling

Literally, mere minutes from the beaches are amazing underwater worlds so all you need to do is grab some often complimentary snorkel gear from your resort and enjoy! There are also 10-minute boat trips out to vibrant coral reefs where you have a good chance of seeing grey-reef and white-tip sharks. If you’re not a splashy snorkeller, you may even see seahorses. Waya Island, in particular, is a great place for snorkelling.

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5. Catch Some Waves

Seasoned surfers will love the reef breaks of Kadavu! The Great Astrolabe Reef holds some of Kadavu’s most popular surf breaks, including Soso Passage, Vesi Passage and Naigoro Passage. Of course, you’ll need to take a boat to get out to the waves, which are usually 3-hour trips starting at major resorts. December through to April is the best time of year to catch the surf on Kadavu. There’s no need to bring your board, as all of that is available to hire!

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6. Meet the Local Wildlife

With the only threat to native birds on Kadavu being feral cats, the population of birds are thriving! Not only that, some of the birds you’re likely to see or hear are only found on this group of islands, such as the Kadavu Fantail, Kadavu Honey Eater, Kadavu Shining Parrot and the Whistling Dove. Other bird species to look out for including the Fiji Goshawk and seabirds like the White-Collared Kingfisher, Reef Heron, Magrover Heron and much more (just check out our A Traveller’s Guide to Wildlife in Fiji).

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7. Relax With a Spa Day

Almost all the resorts on Kadavu have their own spa offering a wide range of treatments, from facial massages to full-body deep tissue massages. The traditional Fijian massage is always worth a try with some masseuses having skilled footwork to relax the body. It’s a great activity to do before your flight or boat trip back to the mainland.

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8. Go on a Walk in the Forest

With so much lush native forest remaining on Kadavu, it makes for an amazing place to simply go for a walk. Ask your resort about the nearest bush walks which often take you to hilltops revealing breathtaking vistas. Plus, the birdlife is just a bonus!

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9. Visit a Fijian Village

Fiji’s cultural is best seen in real Fijian villages. Many resorts can organise visits to the local villages where you can visit schools, witness the traditional Fijian dancing called a “meke” and even partake in a kava ceremony. Kava is a traditional drink made from kava roots, which you must bring to the village as an offering. The taste is earthy leaving a slight tingle in the mouth. If the time is right, experiencing the songs and atmosphere of a Sunday church service is a must! Check out our Guide to Fijian Village Etiquette for more advice.

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10. Unwind on the Beach

White sandy beaches lined with palm trees: that’s the image we all have in our heads of Fiji before we arrive (and discover there is so much more!) A beach day is a must, so with all the resorts having a waterfront, grab a cocktail and enjoy the real “Fiji time“.

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10 Things to Do in Kadavu