5 Best Things to Do on Dravuni Island
5 Best Things to Do on Dravuni Island

5 Best Things to Do on Dravuni Island

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What to Do When to Call at Port on Dravuni Island

Welcome to an all-too-rare port of call in Fiji. Dravuni Island is a tiny island set in the Kadavu Group, characteristic of what most islands look like in Fiji: white sands, swaying palms and azure waters. This is the real Fiji, unlike many other cities and manmade islands that make up the other ports of call of the country. Here, you’ll find a Fijian village and that’s about it; no restaurants, no ATMs, no WiFi… It’s a place to truly disconnect from the outside world and connect with the friendly locals or the stunning nature of the island. But what can you actually do on an island that seemingly has nothing? Check out these amazing things to do on Dravuni Island…

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1. Walk to Dravuni Island’s Inland Peak

A good go-to on Dravuni Island while you still have energy early in the day is the walk to the island’s inland peak. An easy-to-follow path leads up to 150m (490ft), which might not be the highest peak you’ve bagged but the views are rewarding nonetheless. Check out the surrounding islands, glistening waters and the length of Dravuni Island. Plus, it’s a good spot to get a photo of your cruise ship.

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2. Snorkel from the Beach

Dravuni Island is encased in the fourth-largest coral reef in the world, the Great Astrolabe Reef. Don your snorkel mask and enjoy some decent snorkelling from the island’s shores. Swimming is pleasant from the beach where the water is often crystal clear, but some of the easiest coral to access is from a rocky outcrop right of the wharf when you’re facing the island. See how this snorkelling spot compares to others in The Ultimate Guide to Snorkelling in Fiji.

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3. Visit the Village

The friendly locals will greet you onto the island from your cruise ship. From there, you’re welcome to walk around the village where you’ll see sulu (sarongs) strung up for sale adding colour between the verdant coconut palms. Check out the island’s most striking building, which is the local school, while the local fire station is used by the University of the South Pacific to study marine life. While you won’t need to present a sevusevu (gift) as part of your visit, as your cruise ship should do this on your behalf, still be aware of the local village customs.

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4. Try Fresh Fruit or Drink from a Coconut

On cruise ship days, villagers come together to sell tasty fresh tropical fruit – see the 10 Exotic Fruits in Fiji You Have to Try for inspiration. Additionally, fresh coconut water is prepared right before your eyes as you watch a local skillfully open a coconut for you to drink.

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5. Take a Boat Tour Around the Island

Although the island is small enough to explore on foot, those looking for a more relaxing way to see the island can jump on their cruise ship’s zodiac tour. Alternatively, some local fishermen offer cheap boat tours, should you seek a more authentic experience.

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