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8 Things to Do in Kadavu for Foodies

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Food Activities on Kadavu

Scuba diving in the Great Astrolabe Reef, hiking to giant waterfalls in Kadavu village and surfing King Kong Left might take all the glory on the island of Kadavu, but be sure to spare some time for the foodie experiences. An integral part of the cultural immersion on this Fijian island is sampling the cuisine and trying some of the hunting and gathering methods for yourself. Check out this list of things to do on Kadavu for foodies to excite your tastebuds and experience this Fiji island in an alternative way.

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1. Catch Dinner on a Fishing Trip

Not only is Fiji a popular fishing destination for sports fishermen, but fishing is a way of life for locals. Combine a foodie experience with adventure and tradition in a spearfishing trip with Papageno Resort, where your catch will be prepared to serve for dinner. Additionally, Kokomo Private Island offers reef fishing charters where you either choose the latest gear or trying traditional handline fishing. Learn more about spearfishing in The Complete Guide to Spearfishing in Fiji or other fishing methods in The Complete Guide to Fishing in Fiji.

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2. Try a Traditional Fijian Lovo

An absolute must-do for foodies visiting Kadavu, a Fijian lovo is a traditional cooking method where food is wrapped in banana leaves and slow-cooked in an underground oven. The result is a smokey melt-in-your-mouth feast and a very social experience usually accompanied by drinking kava (a narcotic drink) and singing Fijian songs. A lovo night takes place at least once a week at Oneta Resort, Papageno Resort and Matana Beach Resort.

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3. Tour an Organic Farm

Resorts on Kadavu work with the local community to grow their own fruit and vegetables for guests (that’s why the food tastes so fresh)! An informal tour of the farms may be available to guests who inquire, for instance, Matava Resort has a fabulous organic garden and honey program shared with and maintained by the local village. For a more formal guided tour, choose the farm tour on Kokomo Private Island where you’ll learn about the mechanisms for growing fruit, vegetables and looking after their bees and chickens.

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4. Indulge in a Private Gourmet Beach Picnic

For a romantic foodie experience with a hint of adventure, try a private beach picnic. Resorts such as Matana Beach Resort organise a gourmet picnic hamper to enjoy with your loved one on secluded white sands. With Papageno Resort, take a boat to an isolated beach where you’ll be geared with fishing supplies, a picnic and a cooler full of beverages for a real Fiji foodie experience. See more experiences like this in The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Kadavu.

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5. Try Wellness Cuisine on a Private Island Retreat

Healthy and nutritious cuisine is all part of the experience at the wellness retreats on Kokomo Private Island. Food is served as close to its natural state as possible aiming to enhance nutrition absorption, restore cellular function and encourage energy and endurance. During one of their wellness treatments, you’ll have an Arrival Wellness Consultation with the island’s health practitioner to plan the most appropriate meals for your stay. See more great resorts for foodies in our 10 Best Accommodation on Kadavu for Foodies.

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6. Join a Herbal and Medicine Tour

Learn about traditional medicinal remedies found in the vegetation around Fiji with a cultural herbal tour with Kokomo Private Island. This insightful walking tour will show you how the South Pacific Islanders have been harnessing the land for herbs with medicinal properties for centuries. The tour also includes the history of the island.

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7. Sample “Sea-to-Table” and “Farm-to-Table” Dining

Mealtimes are an event at the resorts in Kadavu. All food is sourced from local fishermen and the resorts’ own gardens, providing a real “sea-to-table” and “farm-to-table” experience. At resorts such as Matava Resort and Matana Beach Resort, meals are served at certain times of the day in a “feast” style with long tables for guests to socialise with each other. The luxury resort of Kokomo Private Island is one of the few resorts with actual restaurants, including pizzas and smoothies served throughout the day at the Kokocabana and Asian-style food served at Walker D’Plank.

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8. Treat Your Loved One to a Private Dining Experience

Aside from the family-style feasts experienced in the Kadavu resorts, there’s also the opportunity to have a more intimate experience with a private dinner. At Matava Resort, enjoy a private dining set-up on your bure’s private deck overlooking the ocean. On Kokomo Private Island, choose one of the unique dining destinations, such as the island’s helipad for the spectacular 360-views. Or how about a private table on the beach as you watch the sunset with Matana Beach Resort? See more activities like this in 10 Romantic Activities on Kadavu for Couples.

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