Information, Shops & Services on Kadavu© Pixabay
Information, Shops & Services on Kadavu

Information, Shops & Services on Kadavu

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What Services are Available in Kadavu?

One of the most underdeveloped yet populated islands in Fiji does have its blissful charms. However, that comes with some limited downfalls, especially concerning information, shops and services in Kadavu. You won’t find car rentals, in fact, getting between village mainly relies on boat travel. The main village on the island is Vunisea where you’ll find a handful of shops, the school, the hospital and the post office. Find out more about the services and shops in Kadavu in the guide below.

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Useful Services for Tourists

  • Public transport – See our Kadavu Transport Guide
  • Car rental – There are no car rental companies on Kadavu
  • Accommodation – See the 8 Best Resorts on Kadavu
  • Things to do – See the 10 Must-Dos in Kadavu
  • Visitor information centres – There are no visitor information centres in Kadavu (or Fiji for that matter). This sort of service is available via resort concierge services.
Information, Shops & Services on Kadavu©

Food and Groceries

Don’t expect much in the way of supermarkets and grocery stores on Kadavu. There are only a few shops selling the basics, from tinned food to kerosene. Most shops can be found in the largest village on the island, Vunisea.

Supermarkets in Vunisea

While stall vendors come and go from Vunisea and Kadavu, there is the odd permanent supermarket, including:

  • Advanced Shop, Biana, Vunisea
  • Uru Shop, Vunisea
  • Vunisea Post Office, Vunisea

Note that you’ll need to pay cash for any of the shops on Kadavu with the exception of Advanced Shop accepting Vodafone’s M-PAiSA payments and the Post Office that accepts card payments. Note that electronic payment systems can shut down, so be prepared with cash.

Learn more about buying groceries in our Guide to Food Shopping in Fiji.

Dining in Vunisea

Most visitors to Kadavu dine with their chosen accommodation, so be sure to check out the 8 Best Resorts on Kadavu or 6 Best Budget Accommodations in Kadavu to organise a place to stay with meals. Otherwise, Maichowmychow in Biana, Vunisea is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a quirky art gallery setting.

For more dining recommendations across Fiji, head to our Fiji Food & Drink category.

Information, Shops & Services on Kadavu© Pexels

Medication, Toiletries and Pharmaceuticals

While light medications (like painkillers), baby products and toiletries can be found in Vunisea’s grocery stores, it is best not to rely on getting medication in Kadavu. Bring anything to the island that you might need.

Vunisea Hospital

The one hospital and health service in Kadavu is the Vunisea Hospital, which is easy to find up the hill from the coast. Services here are limited, however, so if you are unwell, it’s best to leave Kadavu and seek medical help in Suva – see the Information, Shops & Services in Suva.

Information, Shops & Services on Kadavu© Unsplash

Post Office, Banks and Communication

Again, don’t expect much when it comes to banks and getting a decent WiFi connection. Whatever service you might need, the island’s sole post office is the first go-to.

Vunisea Post Office

The Vunisea Post Office is an important service on Kadavu. Not only does the Post Office offer the usual postal service, but it also sells groceries, clothes and other items such as stationary. Find the Post Office up the hill from the coast in Vunisea, bearing left as you pass the hospital.

WiFi and Internet

WiFi is available at some of the resorts on Kadavu for a fee. Resorts that offer a WiFi service include Matana Beach Resort, Tiliva Resort and Matava Resort. For more internet tips, check out Where to Get WiFi in Fiji.

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