5 Best Walks on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa© Pixabay
5 Best Walks on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa

5 Best Walks on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa

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Walks and Hikes on the Pacific Harbour and Beqa Island

If you love hiking to waterfalls, then you’re spoiled for choice on the Pacific Harbour and Beqa Island! Almost all of the walks in this area feature a waterfall in one way or another, which is a rewarding experience to jump into the pool after breaking a sweat. While the Pacific Harbour doesn’t offer the widest range of walks, your best option is to join local guides easily organised through the Pacific Harbour resorts. So check out how you can add a spot of walking into your Pacific Harbour getaway in this list of best walks on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa.

Note that the best place for walks and hikes on the Pacific Harbour without a guide is on Beqa Island. There are many trails here that connect villages and resorts across the island, featuring stunning rainforest scenery.

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1. Naiwaisomo Waterfall Hike

Available as a guided walk from the Beqa Lagoon Resort, the Naiwaisomo Waterfall Hike takes you through the hills on Beqa Island to a natural spring waterfall. The guided walk includes studying the local flora and fauna seen along the way. Once at the waterfall, you’ll have time to enjoy the afternoon swimming under the refreshing Naiwaisomo Waterfall and indulging in a picnic lunch. The Beqa Lagoon Resort also has access to a number of easy walking trails that you can do without a guide. Be sure to ask at reception for directions.

5 Best Walks on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa© Beqa Lagoon Island Resort

2. Wainyabia Waterfall Hike

Those staying on the mainland at the Pacific Harbour can enjoy a fully-guided waterfall hike with the Nanuku Auberge Resort. The 3-4 hour guided walk features a stunning walk through the Serua highlands with landscapes such as dense rainforest, kava farms and remote villages along the Navua River Gorge. The walk ends with reaching the spectacular Waintabia Waterfall with three different pools to swim in!

5 Best Walks on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa© Nanuku Auberge Resort

3. Lookout Cove Trek

On the off-shore Yanuca Island, the Lookout Cove Trek is a fantastic short walk through the jungles of the Pacific Harbour’s less-visited island. It can be accessed with Pacific Harbour Ocean & Island Excursions on their Yanuca Island excursion departing from the Pacific Harbour marina. The tour includes a scenic cruise through the Beqa Lagoon, fishing, a kava ceremony, snorkelling, kayaking and a coconut demonstration. The Lookout Cove Trek is an optional activity on the tour. Find out more about Pacific Harbour Ocean & Island Excursions on Viator and Tripadvisor. For more activities to try, see 10 Must-Dos on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa.

5 Best Walks on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa© Pacific Harbour Ocean & Island Excursions

4. Waterfall Trek

Combine hiking and driving in a self-drive 4WD buggy tour with Terra Treks. On their Waterfall Adventure Tour, follow the guide in your buggy to the entrance of the Waterfall Path. Then, enjoy a 15-20-minute walk through the rainforest to the cool waters of an inland waterfall. Swim, relax and enjoy a picnic lunch – all included in the 4-5-hour tour. For more excursions like this, see The Best Day Trips from the Pacific Harbour.

5 Best Walks on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa© Pixabay

5. Royal Davui Island Walks

One of the best ways to explore the 10-acre (4ha) island of the Royal Davui Island Resort is on the short network of walking trails. Home to a luxury adult-only resort, Royal Davui is made up of lush tropical vegetation, rocky coves and soft sandy beaches. Admittedly, it won’t take you long to explore the island, but it’s just one of the free ways to enjoy your time here. Check out more luxury resorts in the area in the 5 Best Luxury Resorts on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa.

5 Best Walks on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa© Royal Davui Island Resort


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