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8 Best Walks in the Yasawa Islands

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Walks and Hikes in the Yasawa Islands

About 20 volcanic islands are strung across the Yasawa Islands, each offering an array of landscapes to explore. Rocky volcanic outcrops, golden grasslands, tropical jungle, rock pools and beaches await on the walking trails of the Yasawas. For the traveller that wants to spend a couple of hours hiking on their Fiji getaway, the Yasawa Islands makes an excellent destination. With each island in the Yasawas being quite small, there is often only one or two hikes to choose from at each resort. Some trails require a guide, should you be visiting villages or following rough trails, while other trails are well-formed and easy to follow on your own. Although almost all of the resorts in the Yasawas have at least one walk, we’ll list some of our top recommendations in this list of the best walks in the Yasawa Islands.

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1. Waya Island Walks

Often described as one of the best islands for walks in the Yasawas, Waya Island has a number of tracks meandering through the hills and along the coast, offering several hilltop summits to capture outstanding vistas. From the Octopus Resort, join one (or both) of the two guided hikes offered. One option is the cross-island hike to visit Waya Levu Village, while the other is a hike to one of the island’s highest peaks. Walks here feature vast grassy plains, stunning island views and rough terrain that requires sturdy walking shoes.

7 Best Walks in the Yasawa Islands© Octopus Resort

2. Mt Tamasua

Soak in some sensational views from the top of Mt Tamasua on Yasawa Island. The hiking trail begins from the village of Nabukeru, taking you on a gentle climb to begin with. The track then has a few steep sections, but there’s plenty of reasons to stop and take in the vistas from the exposed grassy hilltops. The final stint is the hardest, but you’re rewarded with expansive views of Yasawa Island and the surrounding islands from the 232m (763ft) summit. Experience this hike at sunrise as part of Captain Cook Cruises‘ four and seven-night tours of the Yasawa Islands. Find out more on Viator, Tripadvisor and The Guide to Cruises Around Fiji.

7 Best Walks in the Yasawa Islands© Captain Cook Cruises

3. Blue Lagoon Resort to Safe Landing Resort

Walk from resort to resort on Nacula Island by taking the beach trail between Blue Lagoon Resort and Safe Landing Resort. The 45-minute to one-hour walk follows a well-formed trail through a mix of coastal forest, past various beaches and mudflats. The walk also passes by Nabua Lodge, where some trails leading to remnants of an old village and a lookout point can be found at the Safe Landing Resort-end of the trail.

7 Best Walks in the Yasawa Islands© Pxhere.com

4. Blue Lagoon Hilltop Walk

Another excellent option from the Blue Lagoon Resort is the hilltop walk offered as a free guided hike once a week. Join a local guide on this one-hour return hike, starting out in the jungle before abruptly ascending steeply up a hill. The forest eventually dies away, revealing an exposed hilltop awash in grasslands and black volcanic rock. From the top, enjoy commanding views of the resort, Nacula Island and the surrounding vibrant waters.

7 Best Walks in the Yasawa Islands© Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

5. Drawaqa Island Hike

From the Barefoot Manta Resort, get epic views from the peak of Drawaqa Island. While it’s possible to explore caves, jungles, rock pools and beaches on the island, one of the most popular walks is to the top of a peak. The well-formed trail is easy enough to follow, taking you slowly uphill to exposed grasslands offering tremendous views of Drawaqa’s beaches and the surrounding islands. The walk takes approximately 1h30mins to complete the return journey.

7 Best Walks in the Yasawa Islands© Barefoot Manta

6. Wayasewa Island Mountain Hike

Wayasewa, also known as Waya Lailai Island, is easily recognisable from its rocky volcanic peak at the centre of the island. There are a number of trails leading to the peak, accessible with guides if staying in one of the villages – see the 10 Best Budget Homestays in the Yasawa Islands – or from one of the resorts, such as Naqalia Lodge. After a steep climb through the jungle, you’ll reach a breathtaking viewpoint featuring views of Kuata Island, Waya Island and the many shades of blue of the surrounding ocean.

7 Best Walks in the Yasawa Islands© FijiPocketGuide.com

7. Navokavoka Trail

Just behind the adult-only Navutu Stars Resort on Yanggeta Island lies the Navokavoka Trail. The trail leads up a hilltop at the rear of the resort, rewarding those who climb it with full 360-degree views of the surrounding Yasawa Islands. The resort can even pack you a picnic should you desire. See more resorts like Navutu in 10 Adult-Only Activities in the Yasawa Islands.

7 Best Walks in the Yasawa Islands© Navutu Stars Resort

8. Turtle Island Trails

The private island paradise of Turtle Island offers a vast array of walking trails across the 500 acres (200ha) island. Those staying at the luxury Turtle Island Resort can make the most of the trails, either with a guide or safely on your own, through varying landscapes from dense jungle to landscaped gardens to golden grasslands. Learn more about Turtle Island in the 5 Best Luxury Resorts in the Yasawa Islands.

7 Best Walks in the Yasawa Islands© Pxhere.com


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