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5 Best Spearfishing Resorts in Fiji

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Fiji Spearfishing Resorts

Spearfishing is a way of life here in the islands of Fiji. Jump on a spearfishing charter and you know you’ll be with expert guides who have been catching dinner like this for most of their lives. Whether you want to try the sport out as a newbie or have Fiji on your bucket list for game spearfishing, there are some amazing spearfishing resorts in Fiji that specialise in getting you the catch.

For experienced freedivers, Fiji’s waters are teeming with incredible trophy fish. Think Wahoo, Dogtooth Tuna, Spanish Mackerel and Yellowfin Tuna! Fiji is the perfect place for spearos to find a new challenge. Check out What Types of Fish Can You Fish For in Fiji? to see if the fish you’re targeting is on the list.

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1. Mantaray Island Resort

Find the perfect balance of island life and spearfishing adventures at the Mantaray Island Resort. There’s a spearfishing trip for every type of spearo, whether you’re a newbie wanting to catch dinner in the reefs or an experienced freediver wanting to catch some trophy fish. Mantaray Island Resort offers both reef/green water and blue water spearfishing all within a short boat excursion from the resort. Find the resort in the Yasawa Islands where you’ll also not want to miss these 15 Incredible Things to Do in the Yasawa Islands.

Check Mantaray Island Resort out:
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2. Naqalia Lodge

Another fantastic option in the Yasawa Islands is Naqalia Lodge. The affordable lodge for travellers on a budget offers its fair share of adventures, including spearfishing! Less of the “game fishing” experiences, Naqalia Lodge is more about giving you a local experience, showing guests how to spearfish like the villagers that the lodge shares the island with. Choose between day spearfishing and night spearfishing.

Check Naqalia Lodge out:
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3. Tides Reach Resort

Located on Fiji’s “Garden Island”, Taveuni, Tides Reach Resort shows guests that the gardens are not just limited to the land! Join them in either reef coral gardens or out on the blue water for game spearfishing. The team will fully equip you for your adventure, provide a guide and the boat will pick you up straight from the resort’s beach! Check out more activities on the island with our 20 Wonderful Things to Do in Taveuni.

Check Tides Reach Resort out:
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4. Navutu Stars Fiji

For a couples’ getaway with a slice of adventure, look no further than Navutu Stars on the Yasawa Islands. The boutique resort is the perfect retreat for romance and action, with fishing charters only a single portion of their epic offering for couples. Sure, game fishing is on the menu, but getting a true local’s experience by joining “the boys” on their daily spearfishing missions is a must!

Check Navutu Stars Resort out:
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5. Maqai Eco Beach Resort

Sure, the Maqai Eco Beach Resort is most famous for being a surf resort, but it’s well worth looking into for anglers as well! Based on Qamea, an island just off Taveuni, the Maqai Resort offers amazing diving and fishing packages for experienced freedivers who know how to handle a speargun.

Check Maqai Eco Beach Resort out:
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