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5 Best Surf Spots in Taveuni

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Where to Surf in Taveuni

For the adventurous surfer who wants to find a new challenge in Fiji, look no further than the islands of Taveuni. Situated just a short flight north of Viti Levu, Fiji’s mainland, Taveuni is your ultimate off-the-beaten-track surf destination. Even in the high season, you’ll surf some of the quietest breaks you’ve ever experienced. On the downside, there are not many surf breaks for the inexperienced, as all of Taveuni’s major surf waves break over reefs. That said, beginners can still find beach surf lessons at nearby surf resorts. So if you want to experience “Fiji time“, tick some epic breaks off the bucket list, and if you’ve already hit all the surf destinations we mention in The Complete Guide to Surfing in Fiji, then set your sights on the islands of Taveuni.

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1. Maqai

Named after the Maqai Reef which it’s located on, Maqai is one of Taveuni’s most consistent surf breaks. The surf break is known to run up to 300m (328 yards) long and peels in three sections of varied difficulties. There’s fun and accessible waves at the end all the way to hollow barrels in the midsection. This break can be tackled at all tides.

Location: South of Qamea Island

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2. Kavas

Only a few hundred metres away from the Maqai break, Kavas is a high-wall left-hander that super-experienced surfers will love. Kavas provides fast, varied and exciting waves, one time you could be riding a fast wall, other times through barrels. Either way, this surf break is located on a shallow reef, so high tide is the best time to hit this break.

Location: South of Qamea Island

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3. Bula Bowls

Your final Maqai Reef surf break is Bula Bowls. This break is a little more friendly producing slightly softer left-hand breaks than what’s found elsewhere on the reef. On a smaller swell, this is an awesome break for intermediates to hone their skills. On a bigger swell, Bula Bowls is best left to the experts.

Location: Eastern side of the Maqai reef, south of Qamea Island

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4. Purple Wall

The biggest challenge around the islands of Taveuni has to be Purple Wall. Located on a shallow reef off the east coast of Taveuni, Purple Wall is a thick and heavy wave producing deep right-hand barrels that will give experts a kick!

Location: Between Taveuni and Qamea

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5. Black Rock

A fun one to hit in winter, during the peak surfing season in Fiji, Black Rock is a break that only picks up south to southwesterly swells. Nestled between the islands of Taveuni and Qamea, the break is often sheltered by the winds, so it’s most reliant on ground swells. Admittedly, when it’s on, it only makes small and short waves, but they are still straight and fun to ride for intermediates. If you’re looking for things to do between surf days, check out the 20 Wonderful Things to Do in Taveuni.

Location: Between Taveuni and Qamea

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