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5 Best Surf Spots in Kadavu

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Surf Breaks of the Kadavu Islands

For the adventurous surfer who wants to get an authentic Fiji island experience, while hitting some seriously steep waves, the Kadavu Islands is the perfect surf destination. The island group south of Viti Levu is a short flight away but feels a million miles from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. You’ll find real “Fiji time” here. The breaks here are thick and powerful reef breaks, which should only be attempted by the experienced. While some of the surf spots on Kadavu are quite remote, some of the resorts can organise boat trips out to your desired surf break. All you need is to bring your own board and follow the tips in The Complete Guide to Surfing in Fiji.

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1. King Kong Left

One of the biggest waves of the Kadavu Islands, and Fiji for that matter, King Kong Left reaches heights of about 8ft/3m. The surf break is a 20-minute paddle/short boat ride from Nagigia Island. What was once an easy break to get to, thanks to a resort that was once on the island, now you’re going to have to rely on long boat trips from other Kadavu resorts or organise something with the locals. Either way, those lucky enough to get there will enjoy consistent deepwater take-offs into a perfect barrel. King Kong Left also produces long waves ideal for intermediates and up!

Location: Nagigia Island (Naninya) on the southwest tip of Kadavu

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2. Typhoon Alley

Located at the north of Kadavu, Typhoon Alley is an epic barrelling right-hander… When it’s working. Typhoon Alley isn’t the most consistent surf break of the Kadavu Islands, but if there are northwesterly winds and a southerly swell, then you’re in for something special.

Location: East coast of Kadavu.

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3. Vesi Passage

Experts, if you’re looking for a real challenge in the Kadavu Islands then point your boards toward Vesi Passage. The surf break dubbed “The Boardbreaker” produces steep, fast and powerful waves that should only be attempted by the pros. While there are both left and right-hand breaks, the waves are predominantly left-handers. Needless to say, this powerful reef break is best hit at high tide, while the northerly wind with a southeast swell will be most favourable conditions.

Location: East coast of Kadavu

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4. SoSo Passage

For something a little more friendly, set your sights on SoSo Passage. The left-hand break can be surfed in any wind direction at any tide, although the most favourable swell direction is southeasterly. Even inexperienced surfers could give this one a go on a small swell day. If you’re looking for more surf breaks in Fiji for beginner to intermediates, take a look at the surf spots on the Coral Coast.

Location: East coast of Kadavu

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5. Naigoro Passage

A good one to rely on when the swell direction is not favourable at the other breaks, Naigoro Passage is a steep right-hander. Depending on the conditions, preferably a southwesterly swell, this break produces powerful and high waves. (Alternatively, if the conditions aren’t great for surfing, make sure you check out the 10 Sensational Things to Do in Kadavu).

Location: East coast of Kadavu

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